Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's ALL About Living and Loving on LESS!

I promised to share my story of why I am SisterTipster and how I see the world where homeschooling and finances are concerned.

First I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, fellow homeschooler and thrifty-wise being who long before blogging became popular thought up the idea that as hard and as joyful as life can be sometimes, that somebody ought to offer tips on what is helpful, useful and good to make the journey a little easier. Well, when I was selected to join up with the TOS Crew for 08-09 Maiden Voyage, I needed a name~and SisterTipster was born. She was born out of a desire to help others along the way and continues in this mission offering what I find all around me to help with all areas of life. Sometimes I will discuss current trends from a distinctly Christian and Biblical worldview or offer up free or really good deals that I have found to be of use in our lives whether it's homeschooling or just being a family.

Living and loving on less is really my personal mission and sharing these secrets is my global mission. I want to share with you wonderful resources that you can use to make your life better. I have considered monetizing my blogs, but at this time, have decided that I prefer the ministry aspect of sharing with friends~blogger to blogger, friend to friend, homeschooler to homeschooler. You will see reviews where I've received products from vendors for my thoughts and insights and then you will see reviews on things that I have come across in my everyday life too that I belive could be helpful.

I invite you to join me, you can sign up to follow me on this journey of Thriving With No Green$! In these economic times I hope it's fresh and appealing to know that SisterTipster cares about saving money~not just MINE~but yours too and will look to help in any way I can.

You will see old posts that offer some wonderful insights, go ck out the archives. They are relevant and timely too~I just wanted to find a new site to offer a different format for my blog~

Thanks for stopping by and VERY SOON I will announce a new contest~
Congratulations Tina for winning the $25 Gift Card of YOUR CHOICE !!!

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