Monday, July 6, 2009

Contest~Leave a FRUGAL Secret. . .

Share YOUR favorite Frugal SECRET. . . HERE with SisterTipster!
Do a shout-out to everyone and share your secret for saving some CA$H!

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Contest Ends: August 1st~hey, enter as many times as you can think of ways to save money in this economy~Random drawing and be sure to leave your email or contact info ;-))

Let's have some fun~
Here's mine: Save money each week by bringing your own drinks to work or as you travel. This saves on those drive through expenses when the kids are thirsty or you need a drink at work! OR ask for complementary water when you drive through. They're FREE!

WIN~~~~~ $25 GIFT CARD~~~

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Amuro Namie said...

1. Brown bag lunch at least a few days a week

2. Go grocery shopping while you are in a hurry

3. Buy generic products whenever possible

4. Use grocery store bags to line trash cans

5. Consolidate and pay off debt as soon as possible

6. Instead of buying books, borrow books from the library, or read them online

7. If you have to buy books, check if you can buy it used

8. Go shopping with a limited amount of money on you

9. Only use one glass a day. The more you use, the more you wash, and the more water you waste.

2. Buy your gifts a year ahead of time. Example: After Christmas, buy the Christmas gifts on the after Christmas sales, and save them to give away next year.

Amuro Namie said...

Name: Amuro Namie

Anonymous said...

1. Cut back $10/month on 15 expenses.

2. Designate a savings account for "emergencies" only.

3. Collect your excess coins.

4. Use goal jars

5. Eliminate or reduce a hobby or subscription

6. Sell stuff on eBay or Amazon Marketplace.

8. Ask for a raise.

9. Get a second job in retail.

10. Avoid Prepayment Plans

11. Choose Your Phone Company Wisely

12. Use Coupons

- Maddie P. Fox