Friday, July 31, 2009

Drawing the Curtains on Thriftiness!

Since we are in a new location with a different home to make our own, the challenges of renovation on a budget can be a big ole pain! We needed window coverings for this home, and so I began my quest for affordable options.

1. Looked at the thrift stores, yard sales and all second hand sources including requested on freecycle. Didn't come up with what we needed.

2. Decided that making curtains could be less money, so I headed to the fabric store. Remember that the dollar a yard stuff is gone for much of the seamstresses life, so I found that while there was a SALE it wasn't what I wanted to pay~the stuff stayed in the store.

3. Idea about making curtains from repurposed goods came around my mind, but I decided against this because I wanted to teach my child sewing skills and ease in the project needed to be built in.

4. I headed to the local supercenter and found a SALE on the usually low cost flat twin sheets (color we needed) to be AWESOME! Instead of $5 each piece, I got them for $3!! I also got a set for the bed to match! Now we can make our curtains and all told it was a whopping $12 for both window coverings.

I am so excited and we have a project to do! Now this is neat~and I was shopping and getting the year's supply of school supplies at really rock bottom prices: $.15 per spiral notebook! This is just what I have been saying that getting deals when they are available and putting them back for the use I know I will have makes great sense! And the curtains are a lesson in a homemaking task as well as interior design and thriftiness!

Taking Care of Money so it will take care of ME!

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