Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eating Cheap Means...

Everybody's talking about economy~folks are writing books for me to buy on all sorts of subjects where thrift is concerned! Bloggers like me are posting and Twits (oooo this sounds bad~) Twitter about it...but the TOTAL truth is that if you don't spend it, you either SAVED or Didn't have it...but whichever way, when it comes to FOOD~one must eat! I can do without things~fancy or not, but I have to eat...well, I actually LOVE to eat~but that's a whole 'nuther' blog. . . but to sustain life, food must be consumed~but WHAT FOODS, and HOW MUCH foods? OK...since I am not the "know it all" about it all, I did find a cool blog article over at TIME for your consideration. There's a website and a book coming...hey, it's not necessary to GO THAT FAR and buy...just read the interview and hit the site to gain some knowledge of the subject. When I read the interview, I wanted to jump up and down...ok ok! I didn't~WANTED is the operative word here B E C A U S E they were saying some of the same things I have been saying...or rather, they proved what I do AND what I am saying:
Foods prepared at home are less costly~but I go further in saying that we have loads of resources to stretch our dollar savings that we WASTE everyday. Read the article There are some really awesome points about HOW to do this! AND it's a thrifty-monger's (ME) fuel and FOOD for thought!

Don't pay for recipes, research for free online!
Don't buy other's ideas, loads of folks LIKE ME give them away!
Don't waste another thing~use it ALL up!

I've heard that in other countries they use all their resources and waste nothing. In apartment complexes there is almost no garbage and little in landfills~hmmm....Guess they are USING it ALL! This takes some creativity and planning~along with some work! But to eat on a dollar a day~read that article...also I was blessed to hear a Mp3 download today on organization and budgeting. Thank you Values Driven Family for this opportunity! Resources equal time or money. ALWAYS! Waste Not!

Just not impressed with the $3 per person or the $5 meal plans. . . IT CAN be done on less!

HANG ON to your money~don't ship it out to the landfill in the trashbag~LET it hang around and grow!

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