Friday, August 14, 2009

Pedicure Pampering~Simply!

There's nothing better than getting a pedicure for beautiful feet in swanky open toe shoes! I LOVE this kind of pampering~have had my share of "pro" done~but hey, in this economy, WHY deny myself such lux if I can do it in a budget boosting manner? Here's how:

The thought is that showering is less costly in time and money than tub bathing right?
PLUG the tub while you shower~it's an instant foot soak SAVING you money and time! Then right out of the bath, use your handy-dandy foot scrubber or even if you don't own one~here's an idea: get a kitchen plastic scrubbie~you know, the rolled round plastic mesh circle kind that comes in colors! It's about the same thing as an expensive foot scrubber and will cost less! Use this to go over your heels and any rough spots; then because you were thinking a head, rub your feet with baby oil. If you don't have baby oil, you can use olive or veggie oil~AND HERE'S THE BOMB...a doctor once told my brother to use veg shortening for his very very dry cracked heels...Of course IF you already have any of the expensive stuff, use it up...but otherwise...go for less~it really is MORE! Be sure to use an old towel to wipe off the excess and to wear a "designated" old pair of socks to keep the oils/grease (I know it sounds awful! ) on your feet for a luxurious moisturizing treatment ;-)) THAT saved money and time!

  • Something to moisturize with: baby oil, cooking oil, olive oil, veg shortening, (or WHATEVER you already own!)
  • Scrubber: IF you already own it, use it! If not, get a plastic veggie scrubbie (firmer and smaller than shower variety (costs less too!)
  • Old "designated" socks just for foot care~they will be stained, so a pair of cotton socks will work best to give the "treatment" a chance to soak in.
  • Warm water from your shower~just plug and let your feet naturally soak while you shower!
  • Towel for drying! to work on the garden produce~MORE later!

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