Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thrift Means GOOD Things!

Thrift means good things for us as we pursue debt free living. I can imagine that the very words of budget, thrift, frugal can conjure up all sorts of images of living WITHOUT~but the mind and spirit, if focused on the goals set, seeing progress made, LIFE IS PRETTY GOOD! Will it be easy? Not necessarily, but many mothers have taught the "no pain~no gain" type of ethic. So it should be a challenge; it should be some work; it should require SOMETHING from us, for without there would be little satisfaction and reward!

THINK about it~the harder the WIN~THE GREATER the Victory! And often its benefits and celebrations!

If we EVER get debt free, I think we might just have a huge relief and celebration!

I was a child when my parents announced the mortgage on their home was fully paid. I remember their relief and celebration~and it came on the heels of some tough economic times for them in a tough economic climate. It was the mid-70's when gas prices under the Carter presidency went through what at the time was an all time high! It was an age of uncertainty for many Americans. I watched the news back then to see "closed" signs on many gas pumps and cars lined up...but the happiness from my parents was a victory for more than just those reasons. My father had suffered two injuries that placed our family in economic peril. BUT I never EVER remember the "poor us" attitude coming from them or touching the children in any way! I only had two pair of jeans, one pair of shoes and often wore my father's flannel and tee-shirts. Was I 'poor?' By many standards, especially today, the answer would be yes, but I didn't know it, really. We never went without essentials and learned creatively how to do things that many of my peers did not. I can do most anything~OK OK! I don't 'know it all' but the ONE absolute thing in my life that I am most thankful aside from my faith is the knowledge of HOW to LEARN. I am learning something NEW all the time~and just learned a new program for photo editing/graphics~this is WAY UP my alley!! Praise God that my parents saw the value of what is truly valuable. The smug from my past who saw me as poor, what of them today? I have compassion towards those who can't recognize the value of living within means~resourcefulness: AND I'm not talking about being a begger either! Some folks are always whining and crying about what they don't have or bragging what they do have~Lord help me to be thankful for whatever condition I am in, to be content with godliness which is the highest gain in this world!

Thrift MEANS good~no! GREAT things for those of us who are pursuing it with passion and purpose~believe me it will take work and effort, but it will bring a SWEET victory!

I want to encourage you to continue to pursue this endeavor with me~Any new ideas? I am learning right along with you!

STILL taking care of my money so it won't leave me!

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The Crazy Mom said...

One way we're thrifty is that we don't give allowances, but encourage the children to EARN their money. We don't spend on a lot of extras. The kids earn for their own extras. They are lots more frugal that way and we save money. They CAN earn money from us for doing things beyond their normal chores, but chores are considered just being part of the family.

My son just earned $237 to go to camp. He just walked the neighborhood looking for work. Yes, there were lots of generous folks that gave him money or bottles, but he also cut lawns, washed cars, etc. We couldn't have afforded to send him to camp. But this way, he paid the full price and had an extra $22 to take as spending money!!!