Monday, August 17, 2009

Thriving and HOPE

Hope is one of those words that means so many different things to people. I just know for me, without HOPE no matter my circumstance, whether it is financial, relational or situational, I have to have HOPE~

When it's bad~hope gives me strength and a vision.

When it's great~hope says "it can get better!"

When it's ok~hope offers me something different from WHAT AND WHERE OR HOW at this time...

Hope can bring a song, a spring to my step and a joy in my heart. . .

No matter what the situation, circumstance or place~HOPE!

I find great comfort in the Scripture, "hope thou in God" or in a modern (my own version) " HOPE IN GOD"~He is our hope...our future security and peace! This is helpful for whatever I am facing, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, financial, relational, geographical, situational~ALL the " life"...


Thriving is HOPE and HOPEFULLY filled! We are not just merely existing in our place in this world, but buzzing along with the peace of God~from Him in HOPE!


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