Saturday, August 29, 2009

Using It UP Ideas~Dryer Sheets

Beginning here, I will post what I am going to call: Using It Up Ideas on items that we either throw away or could have another use other than the advertised or intended ones so that we can get as much utility as possible for our items~and save the landfills a bit! So while I was in the laundry "palace" today, I realized that using all those dryer sheets and then throwing them away needs to come to some "greater good" for a second go around of use! I examined those white thin "airy" looking rectangles and gave it some thought. I came up with a few ideas, but I want to thank my mother, Betty for her ideas too! Mamas know best~this is undisputed!

Here's the ideas~

1. Dryer lint remover
2. Sachet craft idea or perfumed for a dresser drawer or suit cases
3. Static remover
4. Dust rag
5. Doll clothes pattern material
6. Stuffing for crafts
7. Material for scrapbooking/card cutouts

Dryer Lint Remover

The lint filter of an electric or gas dryer if not properly cleaned can make the machine operate so poorly! I use my dryer sheet from the load I am taking care of to wipe the lint out of the mesh screen. This really does a nice job, and reduces any static that might accumulate in the area. With one easy swipe, I have all the lint and into the trash it goes! Easy!!

Sachet or scented "cloth" for dresser drawers/suit cases

I knew a lady once who made the cutest sachets for her dressers~she utilized the used dryer sheets which have a thin and airy look to them~almost like homemade paper to put popourri into and tied them with a pretty ribbon. Now the trick was to cut the rectangle into a circle with some sharp scissors that can have a decorative edge or straight. The idea though is a nice neat edge. After tying in a pretty bow, then silk flowers were added. The scent was very nice. These made nice little favors or gifts for "Just Because!"

Put used dryer sheets into your luggage to keep it smelling fresh between uses. You can also save them and layer them into your clothing being packed. Smells good!

Static Remover

Carry one in your purse during the windy seasons in your area to use to rub on your clothing if you find yourself with static cling. For those who wear nylon hosery or unmentionables, this use can really help if you find you are clinging in unbecoming ways~always rub the undersides of the cothing next to your skin as that's the direction of the charge pulling the fabrics toward you...or rub it in between your layers if that's where the problem is occurring. You don't want to be clingy!

Dust Rag

I'd make sure my dryer sheet had gone twice in the dryer before rubbing it on my monitors and TV don't want to smear the softner there~what a mess that could be! But after using all the softening agent, then the tiny bit left will draw the dust and make cleaning easier! I know what to call this~Magnetic Cleaning with DRYER SHEETS!!

Doll Clothes Pattern

Granted dryer sheets won't make a pattern for large items, but for some doll clothes they will make nice permanent patterns. Just trace the original onto the dryer sheet and cut it out. Be sure to mark which piece that it is and what the pattern is so that if a single piece gets seperated, it can be easily found and placed with its coordinating items. This is a great idea to piece together!

Stuffing for Cloth Crafts

If you save enough you can use them to stuff things with instead of purchasing additional materials. This definitely saves on the overall cost of the project~whoohoo more savings!

Material for Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Cut Outs

I love making my own cards. In recent years I've not made very many, but I even like to handmake the embellishments for my cards and scrapbook pages. The almost lacy or handmade paper look makes dryer sheets a unique material to make objects~snowflakes, snowmen, hearts, candles...anything you could use white: wedding motiffs and more! Use good sharp scissors and go to town! With some good craft glue, these will adorn anything you are doing in the paper craft world!

This is the Using it UP Ideas~Dryer Sheets post. If you have an idea to share I'd love to hear from you! Look for more Using It Up Ideas!

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