Monday, September 7, 2009

How Low Can You Go?

Remember the Limbo Game? It's a ton of fun to see who can scoot under the pole and shimmy without touching at the lowest point...Everybody who's playing is usually excited and laughing to see the players contort to get below the mark~to get the lowest to go lower and lower...and lower...

I want to ask you, if you were facing financial ruin or hardship would you make any changes before it hit to prevent or minimize the effects? What strategy would you employ to minimize the situation in your family's livelihood?

We all would do what it would take to keep our families safe and sound. I know that thinking about these economic times with all the fear and uncertainty is not the mindset many of us want to have, nor should we live in fear and anxiety. But we would be better to think in terms of strategy and methods for doing what we can to lower our outgo so that if we should face these kinds of issues we are more prepared. I don't want to be presumed to be negative or a "dooms day" prophet, but I do want to offer a honest evaluation of the economy and situations for many in our communities and even some of us...we are looking for ways to cut expenses, make do, thrive and survive so that we live...and how low we are willing to go can just like the game~and we know life is NO GAME, but like that low we are willing to go can make the difference in our staying in the economic playing field or even winning~staying viable!

I have been practicing methods of thrift for sometime, years actually because of economic conditions long before the recession. I had to ask myself that question too~how low was I personally willing to go? Each person has to do this for themselves, and it's a personal decision for each of us. But I want to encourage everyone to begin making changes small, bigger, huge, whatever changes you can to lower the outgo so you can sustain any changes that are necessary.

Almost anything you can do will help, and I've read so many times that it is the small amounts of money that add up to huge amounts...that sounds silly doesn't it? But it's really true!

If you are in a situation where the mortgage is threatened with foreclosure the situation will demand greater efforts to go forward. Cutting expenses won't have to equal cutting satisfaction and pleasure out of life. Unfortunately our society places great importance in the value of the things here on earth, but remembering that the simplest pleasures offer the greatest fulfillment will make the choices made easier to bare. It's making up one's mind that thrifty living is a priority and that nothing will surpass this effort.

I received a link, THANKS Marla for to help us who are in the trench over our homes.

What ways are you lowering your outgo each month? Are you practicing thrift to save each Lincoln so you will thrive in this economy? I'd love to hear what you are doing.

Remember we can do this! Simple and FREE is best!

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