Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Using It UP Ideas~Bath Products

Do you love good smelling bath products? I enjoy them myself, but they can be costly if we don't be sure we are using them up before discarding the containers. It seems like there is always some product left in the bottom when it's no longer easy to get it out...I want to see an empty container~no product when it no longer pumps or is easy to get out! But as we all know, the container is not empty~there's always a little bit more in there~so here's what I do...actually depending on how the container is made.

For the pour type bottle, I will set or lean it so the product will flow through gravity to the bottom. Sometimes if the top won't allow for this, I prop it against something so it will have the gravity to flow toward the lid so I can get it out. I have wedged bottles upside down in between the towel bar in the bathroom too if it will fit~get creative so gravity will help get the last little bit where it's accessible!

For the tube type containers, I practice rolling up the bottom towards the opening. This is a method that works well with toothpaste too, but the different type of material for the kind of tube will hold the rolled shape with toothpaste, but not with most generally bath body wash tubes~so each time after you have found it near impossible to get any out, just start rolling. You can shake it down with the lid on and towards the ground a few brisk shakes. If this fails to produce results, then try rolling the end. Now if this fails, get your handy-dandy scissors and cut it open. This is not a container you can reuse and there isn't a good way to add water into it to "rinse out" any unused cut the sucker open ;-)) Cut at the end so you can add water for one last bath with it~GET IT ALL OUT~use it up!

For the pump~I actually like these as I recycle the pump containers by purchasing new product to add into them. Since I add more product into them, there is not waste, but IF I were going to throw one away, I would "rinse it out" using water by unscrewing the top and then either pouring or using the pumper. Dilution doesn't have to be so thin that the effectiveness of the product is lost. Just dilute enough to cleanse out the container so nothing is wasted at you're using it up!

Bar Soaps~REALLY these are still sold and we use them! If you do too, they can be a great money saver~here's a tip: open the wrappers and let them set on the shelf to air dry before you put it out for use. I have read before that this doesn't work to make a bar last longer, but I have found that info to be false! It will last longer if the bar is air dried first. The other secret is to keep it in a place as it is used where it can stay air dried or drying. If it's left in a tub of water or on a pool of water beside the sink it will soften and melt...this isn't making it last for sure~so be sure it gets and stays dry after each use! NOW what can we do with those soap slivers? I have used my grater to shave them into small pieces; I have even used an old leg of panty hose...yeah, some still use these too, to put a collected handful of slivers and tied it to the tub for kiddo baths...this way the soap all stays together and the kids can have fun with a stretchy funny looking bath soap "thingy!" ;-)) Also I have tied this panty hose leg with soap onto the outside hose faucet for outside clean ups before kids come in the house after playing! Oh's got some pretty practical uses to it because it you but the hosery leg with just enough length to tie a knot (if you aren't going to tie it TO SOMETHING) you can carry it to wherever you need soap just like a bar soap. It works well in camping and loads of messy outside clean ups! The hosery also acts like a scrubbie! For the flakes, I disolved them and put them into water for a hand soap. I have never cooked them on the stove to disolve them, but I have heard of it...I did use in my laundry once, but didn't like the results~could have been the brand of soap because some soaps have moisturizers that will not work well in clothing. You decide about using soap shavings in your washer~ok? But use it all up~don't waste a bit...find a way...AND if tell me too~ I am ALWAYS looking for ways to do more with what I have or with the less I have~ ;-))

Using it up~all of it~prevents waste, which, in the long and short run, is a money saver! The less I have to purchase as a result of the product lasting longer is GOOD for the ole pocketbook!

Let's keep at it~saving that is!
Don't forget to share your bath product saving secrets with me ;-))

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