Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Using It UP~Empty Tissue Boxes

 "Have I lost it," you might be wondering? NOT YET, actually I am finding it! Finding new ways all the time to use what I have to re-purpose them into something I can use or would like to use. . .

On top of my TV which, BTW will sound REALLY extreme if I share that we have no channels, no cable~all we watch are DVD/VHS tapes on it! Another post for another time, but think of my savings in this area per year much less just what I am saving keeping that JUNK out of our minds!! But on top of the thing is a tissue box.  It's almost empty. I have another under my kitchen sink where in an old apple crate I am storing trash bags, cleaners, cleaning rags, cleaners (I only use a few), dishwasher powder and odds and ends like this. . .but that tissue box is there for the purpose of storing my grocery and discount store plastic shopping bags for future use!  Yup, I put them in this already attractive enough container...it beat the fabric bag I had that was nice, but you know what? When I get tired or this tissue box gets worn, I can toss it.  A cloth bag can hang around too long~lol!! But at any rate, consider that these boxes can add new uses long after the tissues are gone.


1. Cut the top off and use as a vanity/dresser organizer compartment.

2.Use the cut top for a picture frame for a cute pic~make a card board stand and there ya go!

3. Let your preschooler wear them as 'play shoes'! They will have a ball!!

4. The construction of light weight cardboard is good for many uses...wrap for a fake gift at Christmas.  You can place these "fake presents" under your tree if you have small children and don't want them peeking in the packages! OR you can use them with other trees and decorations in the home.

5.  Use them as building blocks for small children.  Save them up...loads of fun!

6. Use in the bathroom vanity drawers for organization. They will hold a lot of stuff!

7.  Any ideas on using these UP?  Give me your ideas !!

Finding new ways to live budgetly!

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