Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HOLIDAY Countdown

With 6 weeks out, we need to consider how to best stay in our budgets and have a meaningful Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year holidays!

Here's some ideas:

Plan your meals and begin shopping.
    I make bread dressing so it's about Sept that I start keeping bread ends and crusts for it along with tortilla and cracker crumbs and pieces...I have a bag in the freezer I throw it all in~those old hotdog/hamburg buns~crumbly saltines: all this kind of stuff...even potato chips and tortilla chips are good crumbled up in dressing!

I look for my turkey on sale, buy early or at the best price I can find (KNOW those prices!) and if it's too big, I have the butcher cut in half.  I wrap and make twice.  Don't over cook what your family will eat just becasue the 49cents a lb turkey is a 22lber!

Cranberry sauce on your list? Shop NOW...prices are sure to rise!

Do you make pumpkin pie?  Hunt those supplies now!

I could go on and on about various dishes, but the whole thing is PAY LESS for what you are going to serve! Don't get caught off guard!

I asked the question on the fan page about how much debt reduction have you experienced.  Next post I will share our numbers~It's amazing how we've been blessed!

Please remember that no matter the economic situation, the real blessings of the holidays is not measured in material things.  The food, gifts nor the decor will not matter as much as the love and family ties that are strengthened by the celebration of God's goodness in our lives!

Be encouraged, the debt will go down as the THRIFT practices increase! You can take your savings and apply it towards debt~whoohoo! Debt FREE living is on its way!

Counting down to the holidays~making MY LIST and checking it thrice!

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Anonymous said...

Love this! Did not realize you could put sooo many different things in dressing! I am actually going to my mama's house for thanksgiving! But I have a great appetizer to share with you when you get a chance!