Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TV for Less

When you come into our living room, you will see the television over in the corner on top of the family three drawer chest. It's a larger screen older model that really takes up space. Why I keep it, I really don't know. Guess it's an icon of former times in our family because today we generally and this goes for weeks on end, do not watch it. But what do we do? We compute! LOL! In fact, the computers have totally replaced our television lives for the small screens of monitors and laptops. The sound is better, the picture is better and WE DON'T PAY A CABLE or DISH BILL either! Money Saving Plan 's Money Saving Mom has a guest blog about not paying a cable bill, but  I go a bit farther than she does in saying that I HATE network TV with the exception of "occasional" news~how about once or twice a year?  So with this said, I know I'm wierd. I am different. It's true. But living on my budget doesn't mean I have no entertainment. I have loads of it. I have online entertainment! I have all the FREE stuff out there that my handy-dandy search engine finds for me, PLUS I have Netflix. Netflix is affordable at $9.99 mo for unlimited monthly rental ONE at a time! OK, so it works out pretty good for us. We replaced the ONE EYED MONSTER for the four screens of life~we read on these screens; we listen to audiobooks on these screens; we watch live streaming stuff that cable subscribers watch (C-Span) when we want, and more! There are several free movie and TV programming sites too!

I LOVE YouTube! There is a wealth of stuff that people upload continuously~it is always being changed! If you want news, short film, videos of every kind they are there for the watching! I've seen loads of everything from television programming to film.

The television need not be mindless. It is also educational as well because our eyes are a gateway to the mind. If we remember this, the fact that we can CHOSE our programing as well as save money by not paying cable or dish bills makes my habit a win-win! (FORGOT to mention if you like the big screen and want to watch something as a family, you can use a patch cord to plug the computer into the TV~how cool is this???) Whoo HOO!

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The Case for Christ film.