Thursday, July 8, 2010

Downsizing Doesn't Have to Mean Loss

Our economy continues to tank for many of us.  Frankly we are not living on the money we once did, but have learned how to make not only our ends meat but do some extra stuff along the way that if we had not learned solid strategy we might be living in a vehicle or shelter it got so tight along the way! Boy, aren't we blessed~yes, but it was also taking a cold hard look at WHERE our money was traveling off to while we were left holding the bag wondering IF we would ever see the light of day!

My ideas are extreme for some of us, yes, I admit.  But if you find yourself either wanting to build wealth OR to maintain your home and well being while your money is tight, then you will want to read further.  Having some money tucked back for the just in cases won't happen unless we intentionally do what it will take to accomplish a little savings and curb our lifestyle so that we can save!

You know, if you were facing a job loss~loss of income, how would you deal? Would your car and home go quickly or could you find a way to make it on less? The designer lifestyle is all fine and good when we can truly afford it, but if we are living paycheck to paycheck when we really don't know HOW LONG our economic viability will last us is just plain crazy...You know it! So do I! But like so many, we waited until...UNTIL the job downsizing happened before we made efforts to preserve our home.  I offer ideas for deciding HOW to prioritize where your money goes~yes, spending reflects priority! AND we can make sure we are OK until things improve for us economically.  Listen, Hub and I have maintained and in some ways flourished on less than 1/2 or his previous income without losing ONE thing except some preheld ideas about money and living...AND vehicles were paid off and even a NEW TO US one was purchased with cash!

OK, so join on up~GoogleFriend me and read on...I don't think you will be sorry.

Even if you are not looking at loss, but just wanting a more secure future, these ideas can help! Hey, be sure and leave me a shout out and tell me what's on your mind!

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