Friday, March 11, 2011

Frugal Tip: Bathroom: Shower Curtains

When showering today I had thought as I inspected our plain white dollar store variety shower curtain that it was thin but has lasted several months and looks pretty good yet.  I LIKE those shower curtains despite their inexpensive quality of thinness.  In fact, I like them so much, they are ALL I purchase b/c I can LITERALLY purchase about three years worth of CLEAN, NEW shower curtains for the price of ONE really thick *nice* shower curtain that I've had to SCRUB and CLEAN all those three years! NOT KIDDING~and then...oh then...IF IF IF it should get ripped or torn in some way, I am obligated to OR FEEL obligated to KEEP the thing because it's cost me sooo much MOOLA~Mo than my little dollar (literally a BUCK) store variety shower curtain...and the ENVIRONMENT, you say??? Oh yes! SisterT has an idea for that too...OLD plastic thin shower curtains can be used for loads of second purpose uses:

  • drop cloths
  • craft projects
  • cat pan liners
  • floor protectors from rainy/snowy shoes

It JUST MAKES SENSE not to spend a whole bunch for an item where it actually costs MO to meet the need...and hey, I ALWAYS change shower curtains before we have house guests! Makes a nice FRESH bathroom even NICER and it was soo sooo GREAT for my pocketbook!

If you JUST GOTTA wash it... Add a few towels, they won't hurt it and you can save on the load!!

Thanks for stopping by~leave me your idea for an old shower curtain!;-))

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Frances said...

What's great about these shower curtains is that you could even use these for corner tubs.