Monday, June 25, 2012

Our NEW LOOK...A Work in Progress!

Back when I last wrote about our yard redo, I said it was coming along...well,we are end June and we definitely ARE in progress!

Grass got planted and flowers planted...we used blueberries for shrubs along with some FreeCycle plants of azalea and hydrangeas.  What a kick to see it all come together...

Here's some pics~;-))

This is the front of our house ;-))

End of the boardwalk ;-))

Side of boardwalk and garden front side ;-))

Back of house (deck on rt) with side view of garden ;-))
Old stove as a fire pit for fun! ;-))

Redoing an old house can be loads of work, but it's so rewarding!  I will add more pics to show our progress soon!
How's your old house remodel coming along?
SisterT ;-))

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Briana Jeffers said...

Nice! I like how you reused the wood stove. What a great idea.