Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't RIDE that broom~

Ok, so witches and that sort ARE NOT my thing, but when I passed my broom this morning as it sat, bristles down beside the dryer in our laundry room, it occurred to me that if I DON'T address its care, I will GET TO BUY another one and soon, way too soon for my money and what I want to do with it!

CAUTION: IF YOU don't care for your money~you will LOSE it!

Broom Care 101

1. Buy a good quality broom. (Your choice, as I have had several kinds: basics are straw and a plastic type~width of bristles and length of handle and even diameter of handle and thickness of bristles~IT'S ENDLESS really!)

2. NEVER leave your broom on its bristles or wet or in danger of being destroyed by something that can chew, tear, or weaken the bristles or handle.

3. Store your broom upside down~bristles up! Or hanging from a hook of some sort (there are many choices!)

4. WASH your broom on occasion~if you clean up some really disgusting "dirt" soak your broom in your favorite cleaning solution by swishing it around until the bristles are all wet, then rinse well and set bristles up to dry. Outside in good weather is best for a deodorizing airing as well!

5. Different brooms for different places and chores~OK: You are wondering (maybe) WHY I will have more than one broom. Simple as this: I like to have one upstairs one down, AND I like a separate one for bathrooms than the rest of the home. Sanitation really does count, and there are so many super germs out there a separate broom (AND mop too) can't hurt! You can even use worn brooms for the garage or outdoors, keeping your "better broom" for your home uses.

6. Be sure and use up your broom! This may sound silly, but are there anymore sweepings LEFT in that broom? Yeah, so it's a little or A LOT worn looking, but in being thrifty and having goals for your money, do you want to replace the broom for a LOOK or use it all up. My mother commented that in this economy, folks are more likely to live like they did in earlier times of our country when supercenter buy this and that wasn't so readily available. FOLKS USED UP and repurposed so much of everything that they became extremely creative and found uses unheard of for things that lost their original uses! Let's think about how to keep our brooms functioning well and save the money for a use better than a new broom because we were "neglectful" of it!

Broom CARE might seem silly, but when we consider that almost EVERY household has at least ONE~this is a good area to care for and see our money surving better for the trouble!

Still thinking about THRIFT and MONEY Savings~
Til later,

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