Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't Get The Rug Pulled From Under You . . .


Yesterday, my shopper bestest GA girlfriend who came to visit and my kids hit the streets with cash in hand to shop til we dropped. I KNOW! I KNOW this is supposed to be a debt management blog and thrifty savings tips thingy~but I have to spend my money to live just like everyone to get what we need and want! So yesterday, as we went here and yonder I thought you'd be interested in a trip that yielded so much for so little!

First I have WANTED/NEEDED throw rugs since we moved into our home this past winter. I like washable rugs as we all have allergies and we have pets~I need to be able to launder them!!

I had no idea IF I would find the rugs I was looking for, often I don't know WHAT I will find in shopping the kinds of stores I frequent. I like discount retailers that sell all sorts of stuff, not your huge chains, but those that get imports things or even second hand stores. I refuse in MOST instances to pay retail so looking~scratch that~SHOPPING for bargains in the way I go!

So with cash in hand, I headed to the stores with my family and friend. Hubby was working.

Oh man, I had never been in that store, but it was part of a couple of family owned stores, one a grocery discount where you can purchase for pennies on the dollar food items where the packaging is damaged~Oh my! Cereal for $1.49 a box that in the grocery is $3.49?? WHO wouldn't LIKE that? UNLESS of course you were concerned with the BRAND LOOK on your pantry shelf, and if that's you, you are likely to have clicked off this blog long ago!

So after I spend around $30 for a huge amount of food items that we eat and LOVE~I headed into this other store! Never been there before, but inside I found a large selection of rugs. Just about every color you might want was there and in many differing styles. There were several that caught my eye, but the PRACTICAL person that I try so hard to be slowed down my WANT side to help out MY THRIFTY side! LOL~ I looked and compared and looked and compared. We laid out this color, this style, this rug and that. But I must confess that my inital gut instinct won out. I love~here we go~rag rugs! My home is an older home, they fit the decor. Now I know they may not yours, and this is really not so much about the KIND of rug, but more about WHERE I found it and for HOW MUCH I paid. For less than $7 I got a huge 4X6 gorgeous rag rug in colors that complement my furnishing for the room I want to use it in. Why rag? Not only will it fit decor, it cleans easily!! THIS is huge for me!

I KNOW that small rag rugs can be costly depending upon WHERE I have looked, and never have I see one this size! I am thrilled with my purchase. But you would have thought I was spending HUGE BUCKS instead of a few!

Just remember that your money will manage YOU if you don't manage it~and Ben Franklin was right~a penny saved is a penny earned!

I'm saving my Lincoln$!
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