Saturday, July 18, 2009

Changing CHANGE!

Savings can come in unexpected ways. Do you find coins in your laundry as you are working? What about the coins that might be on the ground or on the floor that have fallen out unnoticed? PICK THEM UP! I had found myself discounting this little "finds" when it has occurred to me that little by little it adds up. As you find change or tucked away money, put it aside and keep adding. Eventually it will make some bills you can deposit or become a useful resource. Don't fail to notice money around you that belongs to you anyway and needs attention!

Another change about "change" is that you can be sure and practice a strategy that some do and save all that isn't in bill form for a "rainy day fund." I have heard of others doing this for a savings account of sorts and even the Baptist women in the early days of mission work were known to save change in a can on the back of their stoves or on a shelf to fund gospel missionary workers around the world. Little by little it will add up! AND this week as our church will be in vacation Bible school, we will have a penny march. If you've never heard of one of these, in some churches it's a tradition! A penny march is an offering usually for missionary activities either in the local community of the church or elsewhere and the Bible school children are encouraged to bring pennies. Pennies weigh more than other change because of sheer volume so the idea is a balance with two clear containers. The boys and girls are pitted against each other in a 'friendly' contest to see who brings in the most weight. It's loads of fun and the pennies really can add up! Now you can save your pennies too as they can be very useful for your budget or even find that donating them for a good cause like mission work of the church is great~but either way, make a change with your change!

Still yacking about money and all that matters!

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