Saturday, August 8, 2009

Clipping Coupons to SAVE?

Thanks to all who came by and offered advice on saving money! Several told me to clip coupons. I want to address this straight out the gate as I have some definite thoughts on the subject. I think coupons CAN but not necessarily are a good deal. It all goes back to KNOWING PRICES! When you know prices you can compare not only products with price, but also place and then coupon if it will save you money. My husband said something yesterday profound~ok pretty simple, but so very true: TO SAVE MONEY~don't spend it! OK, now how simple was that when we all know we MUST spend some money just to live in this world? I do suggest though as I am a firm believer that the less you carry around (IN cash), the more planning you do and then THINK about how to save money the better off your hard earned Lincoln$ are going to be in your care! Let's consider carrying cash first.

Carrying cash may sound silly as for some, it seems to just "slip between the fingers." But IF you allot yourself ONLY so much per excursion or shopping trip, then you are BOUND to save what you are not carrying around. Also if you make SAVING a priority by holding out certain amounts FIRST then measuring out your money to equal a certain number of store trips, you are likely to SAVE as well! I was talking with a friend this week who is battling debt. She said she has gone to an "all cash" system. I applaud her for this very difficult, but do-able effort! What was funny, too was her discussion of how she had SAVED up last week's unspent cash to ADD to this week's shopping excursion~and guess where? Yard/Garage sales! Yes, even the best price shopping such as garage sales and couponing IF you are spending MORE than you have or should meaning you really won't or don't need the item, is NOT saving but spending! It ALL has to be looked at~seriously too! Some will argue that "even if I don't need it now. . ." and spend away, but one thing I am learning is that storing products isn't always a good idea either. I do tend to buy in bulk for items we use, are using or will use up in a reasonable period of time. Today I was researching coupons on the web, as there are gobs of sites from Valupak to others who offer them for a sign up. I got interested in ONE~yeah, just one in my thrifty-eye look that had me click to see "details." Oh man! I had to purchase three in order to get the deal. Now if I purchase the product where I normally purchase it, I will save about $.16-17 cents per item. I am not so DUMB to think that a small amount like that isn't worth my efforts, but RIGHT now, I don't need three~in fact, I will have to store them. Now in the winter, we will need them, but do I have the extra $3 minus the coupon for $.50 AND the room to store them? Hmmm? Well, to be honest, I left the site and came over here to share that for me, this was not that good of a deal to use my printer ink (YEAH~it costs too! )and paper and time. . . for an item that in about 3-4 months I will need. I am waiting. AND there may be a better deal coming. Often there is, so knowing those prices, where it's sold at those best prices, and even IF coupons will help is the way to go!

I am not heading out to start offering links to coupons because at this time, unless you can only abide using the name brands, you may very well end of paying more that if you either shop wisely by, CAN I SAY IT ENOUGH: knowing prices, or being willing to chose another less costly brand or even the MORE radical: find a way to live without it!

Coupons can be very useful IN THEIR PLACE, but unless you frequent a chain and use a certain product, it's generally not saving but spending. Sorry for that if you live by couponing, but since I am into whole foods WHICH are real deals, spending because the sales register gives me a saved amount, doesn't necessarily mean I SAVED my own money~maybe I saved them theirs! THINK on this radical idea and let me know HOW you use coupons and truly save. I do use them, but very very sparingly.

No gimmicks for me~just keeping my money in my pocket for as long as I can, and when I spend, the best price I can get!

SAVING is NOT spending!

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