Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Fried Egg Told It All~

In I suggested for easy cleaning which saves TIME and money, not to mention ELBOW grease, that either you rinse dishes as they are dirtied OR you soak them or wash them right up. Now I have to tell you that today was a perfect example of just this kind of thing I am talking about. I got up this morning and hubby had fried himself some eggs~now I have no problem with this. But I share this so you can see the REAL LIFE example of what can happen if someone does NOT take care of the plates, utensils and fry pan. I found these little goodies about four hours later, and you can imagine what it was like, right? So I thought that in order to save on my time, effort and money, I'd soak them all in the hottest water I have out of the tap for about an hour. THIS SHOULD DO THE TRICK I was thinking. NOT! I got over to my sink and had to really really REALLY hunker down on that fried egg all stuck to the skillet. It was obviously not a nonstick, but a stainless steel fry pan (Revere Ware) which are great pots and pans. This fried egg mess took not only an hour of soaking, but also took about 30 minutes of my scrubbing with a green Scotch Bright pad for non stick and no scratching. I was just about ready to get out my fine steel wool which I do hold out for messes that won't release, when it all came off. But whew! THAT fried egg almost had me~So remember to rinse, soak or wash right away to save your last nerve, your efforts, and your money. That pan took way too much effort and hot water/soap not to mention the use of my scrubby.

LESSON LEARNED~now can I convince. . .
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