Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dumpster Diving Diva?

This really is NOT me, but I have to admit that I have done it a time or two. Truly, only a few times, but I am more prone to "curb shopping" than digging in dumpsters. Since the early years when people talked about thriftiness, dumpster diving was one of those things that sorta turned me off really. But I will admit that I did have a favorite dumpster that I would frequent behind a certain store that if I caught it just right, I could find some really neat stuff: like about 8 gorgeous amber colored canisters and some other stuff just for the 'digging out' of some clean trash like packing and papers. I AM selective folks ;-)) when it comes to finding my treasures! But if we look around, we could all save the good stuff out of the landfills and help our frugal lifestyles a bit by just paying attention to what's around that are for the taking. I am not talking about stealing either. This stuff is thrown out, and even "curb shopping" is OK if you ask first. I have a wonderful blessing that came from the side of the road when a nice newer model dishwasher had a sign that read : "FREE/WORKS." I am so thankful to have it~I looked the model up and today they still sell for almost $400! It's just not the latest thing and so someone was upgrading! I'm happy because I got to upgrade too~I didn't have a dishwasher, and now I do!

We certainly can't find everything this way, nor am I suggesting that everyone hit the trash piles, but carefully looking for uses and repurposing of items makes great sense when money is tight and the trash is overtaking our world!

If you want to check out dumpster diving try looking behind


grocery stores

toy or specialty stores

garden shops

home improvement

clothing boutiques

office supply stores

video and electronic stores

It's endless~just look around!


Stay just long enough to look and leave no messes behind.

Don't tresspass. If it's prohibited, stay out.

Don't take what you can't use or give away.

If approached, be friendly and polite.

Be safe~you never KNOW what's in there, so I never crawl in>>eek<<

Are you practicing some ways to save hard earned $?? Share with me too~it'll be fun to see what you're up to, and who knows, you could earn the title Diva too! ;-))

SisterTipster<3 taking care of business~her money!

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