Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I was thinking this morning about the word "poor." For some this has different meanings; everything from a state of being to an identity to even a temporary place. It's social, economical and spiritual even physical in it's meaning. But as I was considering this word, I had to ask myself, "am I poor?"

My first thought was that well, yeah, I guess I am; since I am working to live within meager means and finding ways to live on less. I began to think about what I don't have in my life that either I once had or want and sometimes need that elude me today. I also contemplated that I have "dreams" of things, places and even situations and people that I lack. But poor? Am I really?

I am totally talking about "me" but I want you to consider your person and situation for a moment and ask yourself the same. Think hard about your life. Is it needing something or desirous of something or lacking in some way? I think we'd all be hard pressed to find someone who has "it all" to the point that there is no room for some sort of want or need. Even the rich and mega rich, the ultimately famous have dreams, goals and wants~certainly not OUR definition of poor, but are they?

I am still thinking about this word. I don't like it, really. It's NOT me in more ways than it defines me. Yet there are those who enjoy this label as much as I enjoy icecream or you enjoy your favorite things too. It appears that poor is as much a state of mind and thinking as it is a state of actual reality.

And what will identifying myself as poor get me anyway? There are loads of supports and charities for the poor. I could 'sign up,' or could I? Huge thought: DO I QUALIFY?

I have known people who work at being poor instead of working at being rich. Now I've thrown in a monkey wrench into the mix! How could I work at being poor instead of wealth? Doesn't working bring the benefits of wealth? Well, yes and no. It will depend upon once absolutely crucial factor that I have yet mentioned in a defining point of being poor: Attitude.

Attitude will make me poor. Poor is not necessarily my finances or my living conditions or my health and wealth or what I eat, wear, drive, thrive, survive...it's my state of mind, that IF I attend to the thoughts of having enough, being content and thankful, I can see that I am OK; I have wealth untold.

Am I designer? NOPE.
Am I latest and greatest? NOPE.
Am I hungry? NOPE.
AM I lacking? NOPE.

And most Americans are not either when we consider that we ALL have so much to appreciate in our great land! We are living the lives of kings and queens of bygone years compared to others in our world, but satisfaction has escaped us. We don't FEEL like we're wealthy or have enough. I want to attack this situation with ONE idea: It's my personal belief that IF we are held to a standard which no one can attain but few, and constantly look at this situation over and over, discontentment, frustration, depression, and pain will rob us of the wealth we have in our lives which is joy, peace and love~the things of true wealth.

I present this problem of being poor with the idea that it is fostered by a standard unattainable; what can we do? For me, I've attacked this situation HEAD ON by first not buying into this world's standards of wealth. I have said, what I have is enough. Who I am is enough. Where I am is good enough. Where I want to be is a place that if I don't make it will not break me; I can keep on trying and thriving! AND I am truly NOT POOR, NOT DEPENDENT and I am OK! I don't watch those TV shows to show me the latest colors, decor and frivolity. I GAVE them UP for other pursuits like blogging to share my insights with the desire to make a difference to a world of ALL OF US who are spinning out of control with being poor. WE are NOT POOR! Even the those of us reading this with the least in your bank account is rich and OK if you have a place to rest your head, food (maybe not even your favorite or mine) and clothing when there are others who have so much less. Give up the television monster who is the tool of marketers to SELL YOU; yeah, they are selling YOU~your soul, satisfaction, peace and more in favor of their petty little trinkets that bring NOTHING but more to clean, care for and store! GIVE IT UP for a trip to the library where books are borrowed; to the park where the music is God's creation, or other FREEBIES for the enjoying~ activities to enrich~ENRICH life! I tell my children all the time that true wealth is "Godliness with contentment" which the Bible says is GREAT GAIN! Oh I know this blog is dedicated to money saving, budget boosting ideas, but let's get our heads on straight and realize that we are NOT poor~we are so much more in God's eyes, and the pull and tug in this world will NEVER satisfy our deep longings from within. NO tangible thing can do this, ONLY God and His blessings attached to my attitude of gratitude will make me realize that first I am not poor and just how RICH I really am!
Let's work on our thankfulness and turn a blind eye to the "call of the world" where our wealth is concerned. EYES UP!

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