Thursday, August 27, 2009

Having It ALL Means...

What? I mean...WHAT does having it all mean? There's so many definitions out there, and it's truly different for everyone. I was asked IF I could have anything what would it be? You know, like the question of the three wishes granted, kind of thing...well, I wouldn't know...I have what I need and much of what I want...although I could *think* of a few items, they were really insignificant. No. Seriously. What does "Having It ALL" mean to you?

Think for a moment. What's on your list that will make you fulfilled and satisfied? Is it things untouchable by human hands and only touchable by human hearts, or is it those things that rust and moths doeth corrupt? While each of us has a different idea, it's essential to figure out for our time here in this world just what is important to us.

Living on a budget need not limit the "ALL" that many wish to obtain. Actually budget living can help provide the means to obtain some on each side~heart and hands of having. When we learn to live within our set standards of living, it can make it an easier reality to either get by with less when times are lean or to save in the times of plenty so that in a future time, the wants and desires might be gained. But it all starts with thinking about what the "ALL" is for each of us.

We have been sold "down the county line" in the name of making a buck by marketers who are seeking to sell us their wares. It's not entirely bad or immoral that marketing exists! I just hate to see marketing that isn't honest or is veiled...and it's wise to note that everything is truly marketed. Branding is done to gain recognition in products and services. An unofficial definition is a product that becomes the name of a certain item. You will recognize these few: Kleenex, Band Aid, Coke (in some areas of the country this means soda in others~all carbonated beverages are Cokes) and one more, Swab Sticks. Hearing the name of the brand equals the product and whether or not the maufacturer makes the brand called Band Aid, most of us call all "self adhesive bandages Band Aid! Even just seeing certain symbols brings a product to mind~this is intentional. Think about those (all I have to do is say the description and you will know the business or product!) golden arches or that cute little colonel with the white suit and his hat with fried chicken~yes! I am talking about McDonalds and KY Fried Chicken!! The Nike symbol is another example. Often tied to these brands is a perception of wealth created by marketing that one brand is better than another~this is one result of marketing the branding, but when the perception of wealth is created by the marketing of products when wealth is not based on this is unscrupulous. 'Perception of wealth' is the notion that prosperity has been achieved because of the use, ownership or possession of a certain product. We have been convinced that certain things are "good, better, best" where names and types are concerned based on opinions and often the marketing. I have no doubt that products can be of different quality, but my issue is that perception is so strong it can bring dissatisfaction if we cannot have THAT particular brand. Sports shoes, purses, clothing, foods, A-list this and B-list kinds of things!! And this does what; I ask you, but breed in us a malcontent for what God has given us and what in truth will only satisfy the heart of a person~respect, love and honor. These are what money cannot buy!

We must focus our minds as we are making these hard decisions to change our habits into thrifty and economical methods that will bring satisfaction as debts are paid honestly and the ability to share and help others is achieved. Wealth building will not give us respect, love and honor, but it will bring a satisfaction when we are able to help our fellow man because we can and will. How can we help others if we are drowning ourselves in debt? The purpose of budgeting is not to make us rich for some self satisfying endeavor, but in order to help others with our own personal security. I can't give what I do not have myself. This applies to every area of life.

I am not seeking to "have it all" personally, but to have an honest attempt at taking care of my financial obligations and then having enough to share~to make the world a better place which will bring great satisfaction.

Remember that we have to recognize marketing for what it is, and the perception of wealth for what it is not!

Having it all means I am satisfied. . .

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