Thursday, August 27, 2009

Recording Prices in Shopping for Lowest Price Buying

Do you have your notebook handy? I am always suggesting a notebook system of price recording and checking so that you can get the best deals possible. Have a page for each item and a line for each store~compare those prices! Where is it best to get which thing? Some of us shop different places for different items...I like one store for cleaning products like laundry soap, bleach, Mean Green and a few others. Then I like other places to buy bread and some other food's a "dent can" store that gets damaged packaging products that sell for less than 50%! I don't care if the cereal box is dented, would you if the cereal is perfectly fine? It's the inner seal that counts!!


Take your notebook shopping with you and record prices as you go. Try to do this systematically. I know you will have to purchase some things before actually knowing the best price in which store, but as you go, if you anticipate purchases, record as you wander down each aisle. This week if I don't need self rising flour, but I am getting low, I will check prices while looking at sugar which I do need. Of course since I don't have a known price for sugar, I may go a head and get it until I can begin recording prices for this item...

We generally purchase pretty much the same foods so this isn't hard...just get that notebook~if you have kids, they can help you. Send the older ones (teens) off with a list to price sure to have them include brands b/c you will want to compare brand to brand.

If you work by a menu, then this is easier. Follow your list of needed items by what you are missing in your pantry. But if you just keep certain items on hand, then you can inventory before shopping~I also recommend cleaning out the fridge. Hopefully there are few items to be rid of, but cleaning and preparing for new items is a good idea before the fridge is full! Lists in the notebook will make finding and recording pricing by store a great way to KNOW who has the best deal on what item. You can do this for any purchase~even gasoline for your car. I have a few stations I watch for the best prices. . .when I see a drop or know it's the lowest, I try to purchase then! Those few dollars I save add up over time!

How are you price comparing to save $? I'd love to hear from you ;-))

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