Monday, August 24, 2009

Free Entertainment~Angel Kitty vs Mild Melody

Angel Kitty? Well...

Meet Tiger, the angel kitty of our lives. Just so you know, he's a sweetheart of a cat. . .

He loves to play "tag" with our son and chase him. He loves to chase after a laser light up the walls...AND he even loves playing with his dog, Melody. Melody is our 80lb lab mix who is the best dog ever!

One day they were playing. Batting the paws, jumping over and around...mouth on him/paw batting from him to her. . .Now their size differences makes on wonder if Tiger or Ty as we affectionately call him will "get hurt." A big huge yelp was herd. Oh NO! Was Tiger injured? What was happening?
I looked at Ty to see his injuries, and there, hanging out of his mouth was the biggest tuft of black Melody hair you'd ever want to see~BAD CAT!

So WHO do you think I should worry about???

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Bridgette said...

I think you need to be worried about the dog! Too funny!

Trennia said...


Ave said...

Love the last shot!