Monday, August 24, 2009

Ways to AVOID Getting Sick~

I have a few tricks that really work for reducing germs from spreading around the home. Some are just plain common sense, and that's about a frugal as it gets! Others are less obvious, so follow along and think about these as school is starting back and loads of those nasty viruses are looming ready to jump on you or your family!

1. Avoid touching your face with your hands unless they are freshly washed.

2. NEVER drink from a water fountain. Bring your own water or bottled water from home. When my son was in school, I sent two water bottles to school for him to drink from, and he was rarely sick.

3. Wipe phones, door knobs, and other frequently touched surfaces in the home with a light solution of bleach water daily (if someone is sick, more often.)

4. Avoid eating a food bars. Have you EVER watched how people get their food off of those things? And there is constant hand contact with the serving utencils...ick!

5. When using a public restroom, IF YOU HAVE TO USE IT, in the first place, cleanse the seat or squat over it, then when hand washing, do this well, get paper towels to dry and ALSO to open the door when you leave. Imagine that someone did not wash their hands and touched the door knob~yuck!

6. Close the lid on the potty before flushing~there have been experiments proving that there is a spray of germs just from flushing~THIS IS TOO DISGUSTING, isn't it??

7. Wash your hands frequently~I keep a pump container of antibacterial soap on each sink (kitchen included) for frequent hand washing. Yes, the soap is costly or an added expense, but doctor bills are much higher!

8. Cover foods in the fridge for many reasons, but contamination is a good reason!

9. Change your pillow cases on your bed pillows frequently IF you are sick. Wash in warm soapy water and hot dry~do this as often as you can, to remove the germs as you are recovering and not to reinfect yourself or others (your spouse or anyone who might grab your pillow ;-))

10. If you are already sick, clean your toothbrush which is economical. I have boiled ours, but this can destroy them. You can use a bleach solution too, which will kill germs to sanitize it instead. Be sure to rinse it well and clean the container or holder well. If your budget allows, replace it instead of cleaning. There are recommendations for replacement anyway, but I use them until they are worn out first before replacing. . .

11. Be sure to change out hand towels frequently. OR use paper towels if someone is ill. To save, you could have the ill person in the family use paper and the rest of the family the less costly hand towel. Either way, be sure to keep it clean!

12. When shaking hands of greeting others, be sure to avoid touching your face and wash hands well afterward.

13. Use the hot dry on the dishwasher to sanitize dishes if someone is ill. Use the dryer to dry clothing too.

14. Wipe all surfaces well if contaminated.

15. For colds and congestion, run a cool mist vaporizer in the room to provide moisture. Be sure to clean well and handle in a clean manner.

16. Proper disposal of tissues~I like to use plastic grocery sacks to line small trash cans. They can in expensively and easily be disposed of without a worry!

17. I keep tissues readily available for the sick person for their use. It becomes THEIR box until the illness subsides.

18. Plenty of healthy fluids before flu season to keep the body strong.

19. Eating healthy with lots of fresh fruits and veggies keeps the body strong!

20. If temperatures allow, I like to air out our home and will spray with Lysol in corners IF we have a virus like cough and congestion that won't leave. I will also damp mop with vinegar water solution or hot water with a 1/4 cu of bleach. I prefer the vinegar, but if your floors will allow, the bleach will kill off many germs.

21. IF you are coughing and sneezing, the recommendation is to either sneeze or cough into a tissue or your elbow...the reasoning is that hands carry MORE germs than any other source!

These are just some economical ways to preventing or in some cases dealing with cough and colds season! Of course, if you are ill and need to see your family doctor, do so!!! AND if you are allergic to any of the cleaning agents or supplies I have mentioned, do not use them, but use another well trusted, tried and true product that will kill the germs that you are not allergic to.

I'm linking to the Clorox site for some info on prevention. I personally don't do the vaccines because the one time I did it was my sickest year EVER with flu! But you do as you feel comfortable and able to do ;-)) Also I wouldn't necessarily use the brand name product either. Often, store brands are the same with different labeling and marketing~so here's the site: Remember that you can use bleach on rags instead of their higher prices "wipes." WHATEVER did WE DO without such products?? Ha! Also paper towels work well too if it NEEDS to be disposable! Just some more cost saving thoughts!

Here's to staying WELL this season of colds and flu!
WHICH helps keep $$ in my pocket~plus I FEEL a whole lot better!! ;-))

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