Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crochet~A Way to Add Beauty...

Do you know how to crochet? It's a lost art for many women, and while it will take some practice, it's not so difficult that you can't learn to make many many things to beautify your home.  I learned when I was about eleven from my Great Grandmother who was a master at this art form.  She made some of the most beautiful and delicate items: lace to trim embroidered pillow cases, scarves for dressers and tables, as well as blankets, table cloths and more...when I was about nine, she made a tissue doll for me~after many many years I still have her...she even has a parasol!  I'm a lefty, and it was hard for her to show me how to do this, but I learned.  The only thing I made at that time
was a huge granny square that made into a throw for the foot of my bed.  A few years ago, while in a group of friends, one was teaching us how, and I picked right up on what she was showing! Thanks Becky!!  Since I have made throws, afghans, dish rags, dish towels, ponchos for children and adults, neck scarves, hats, baby blankets, booties, hats and Oh MY GOODNESS~tons more.  Many of these items can be purchased today in most all stores, but of course in my GGMother's day they were not as commercially available, but an art form born of necessity.  With my budget and my creativity I can take what yarns I desire and create beautiful things for my home.  My first afghan was for my hubby for Christmas!  Since I have made several, but my favorite yarn to work with is 100% cotton.  I like the feel and how it makes up.  It is much more like commercially made throws than the acrylic or wool or blends.

I want to encourage you to try your hand at crochet. It's a skill and art form you will never be sorry you picked up.  Gifts, home decor, and clothing are awesome uses for your work and skill.  I have sold a few pieces too!

Here is a link to Lion Brand Yarn's YouTube tutorials on crochet skills.

Lion Brand has many many online free patterns
 Sign up and you can find loads of info and patterns on their site.

Google "free crochet patterns" and there are many~if you are a first time learner, be sure to do patterns labeled "beginner" until yor "easy" until you feel you are more competent and want to try something more challenging.

Happy Crochet to save on the budget~hint * hint~ look for yarn in thrift stores and at garage sales.  It's a whole lots cheaper! Whoohoo! Christmas is coming soon!
(pictured: 1. doll 100% cotton poncho, purse and hat 2. two men's acrylic scarves 3.  lady's 100% cotton scarf 4. 100% cotton lizard book marks)

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