Friday, September 18, 2009

Using It UP~Tissue Cardboard Rolls

Waste will fill up our dumps and landfills before the stuff we throw away can decompose! I won't use any stats here, but we all need to remember that recycling and re-purposing is a great effort to reduce waste and save our money.

So what do you do with your toilette paper rolls when you have finished with the tissue?  They are nice card board tubes, and there are some neat ideas to do with them.

1.  Snowflake, flower or star gift decoration or ornament: Cut in 1/4 inch circles so that you have circles from the tube.  Glue them with sides to each side in either of the three shapes using clothes pins to hold the glued sides until dried.  When dry, spray paint the color of your choice.  If a snowflake, white; star, gold or silver and flower, red.  Use the matching color in glitter to add sparkle.  When completely dry, you can hang with an ornament hanger for the Christmas tree or use a thin ribbon or cord to tie on a package.

2.  Party Favors for a Girl's Birthday Tea Party:  Once we held a Birthday Tea for our daughter and used tissue paper tubes to place small gifts inside for the guests.  You cut a center slit in the tube so it will break open in the center.  I wrapped the tube with gift inside with tissue to old it tightly with the gift wrap about 3 inches longer than the tube on each end.  I used ribbon to tie each end closed and made bows.  This made such cute favors, and all one has to do to open is hold each end of the tube and bend away from the middle, and it will break open easily.

3.  Easter Egg Holder: Cut the tube about 2 1/2 inches so that the circles are even on both sides.  You can paint them or cover with paper or fabric.  They can look nice natural too! If you want, you can get dried grass and twigs from the yard and glue them on, or even use Easter grass to decorate the egg holders.  When you have decorated your Easter Eggs and want to display them on your table, set the eggs in the circles to hold them upright!

4.Give them to your children along with other craft supplies such as markers, scissors, glue and colored paper and let them CREATE! You would be surprised what they will come up with~preschoolers LOVE to make things...what about a finger puppet or a Christmas decoration using some ribbon or yarn to tie off one end to make streamers.  The tube can be colored, covered or decorated and then the end without the streamers can have one string to make a way for it to hang by putting a hole in opposing sides of the roll. A hand held hole punch is good to use for this one!

5. Your idea (WITH CREDIT) here!

Here's more ideas from Frugal Families: idea with YouTube videos (lots of ads, but nice ideas!)
Loads of printables to use with your tprolls!
 Have fun with this "renewable" resource~ya NEVER run out of these!!

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Anonymous said...

I quilt and dislike trying to use fat quarters that have creases. After a trip to the fabric store when I have new fabrics to add to my stash, I like to iron out the folds and roll them up. There have been a lot of times when, after ironing out the creases, I discover I have more than one of the same fabric. I roll all the pieces of the same fabric up and then slide a tissue roller over them to keep them together and rolled so that I don't add new creases. The tissue rollers aren't as long as the fabrics so I can see what is in each roll and can make quick decisions when I'm choosing fabrics to coordinate with each other for a specific project.