Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Thriving With No Green$?

I am debt busting and budget boosting! I don't profess to know all the answers! I encourage and want to hear all about what you are doing to make it too!  Hello & leave me a comment! ;-))

This is a blog about doing life on the Saving and Frugal~living on less to have more later! There are many sources out there on this subject, but I am paring it right on down to using up, making do, and extending out so that we can make it, survive and thrive is this busted economy! Never has there been a greater need in the past thirty years to squeeze so much out of our financial resources.  Some methods out there just don't work! Gimicky stuff, spending to "save" and all that will just keep us spending our hard earned money when what we need are ideas and methods that are solid to live as well as we can on what we have to live on. 

Yours for busting debt and boosting budgets!

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