Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fitness on a Dime or Less

I'm old enough to remember when aerobics and fitness centers became the rage for middle America! Women donned on leotards and tights for a jazzy workout to pop hits and golden oldies crunching the bod so that fitness could be obtained.  Today there are other places that offer getting fit,  but generally they all have one thing in common~A FEE!
 It doesn't have to cost anything to become active and get healthier.

Thanks Nicole for the tip on how to get fit economically.

Nicole told me that she's a power walker~a runner who uses a local park with a walking path to get fit each day.  This is saving the cost of a membership or home equipment and provides outdoor recreation and fun not only for herself, but her children.  You go, Nicole!

1. Walk the neighborhood. 

2. Park at the back of the parking lot and walk further into the store.

3. Make an extra round around the grocery or superstore pushing that full cart of items. WATCH out for pedestrians! lol!

4. After church, make a trot around the Sanctuary.  Wait until everyone is gone and peddle on by the pews...

5. If you have a staircase, go up an extra time and down each day...then add as the weeks progress...then start carrying items...

6. Lift canned goods with your arms to tone and strengthen.  You can use 4# sugar bags also~be sure to work up to this...

7.  Ride your bike around the neighborhood.

8. Mow the grass/edge/clip bushes/sweep sidewalks and porches.

9.  Take up an active hobby~skating, rollerblades or ice skating or even skateboarding..BE SURE to wear protective gear...nobody wants to get hurt!

10. Play with your children.  Go play chase, hide and seek, freeze tag and more...Red-Rover, jump rope, hop scotch, kick ball, base ball, volley ball, soccer, foot ball...pick your favorite.

Fitness does not need to cost the arm and leg we are trying to make healthy...Let's do it on the cheap!
Thanks again Nicole for the great idea and tip!

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