Thursday, October 8, 2009

Using It UP~Cardboard boxes

Ever notice how much cardboard comes into our homes? There's packing boxes, shoe boxes, boxes for appliances and gadgets, all kinds shapes and sizes! So what are we going to do with all that cardboard?

Here are a few ideas, and if you have one or many~let me know...

1. Organizers.  Small boxes can be cut down to fit whatever item needing storage. Cover with pretty paper or fabric of a finished look.

2. Shelving backs. I love bookcases, and my husband has build quite a bit of those for us, but I don't like the backs open where books or other objects can fall right out...but stapeling cardboard to the backs with a stained finish or even wallpaper or painted surface, this will finish off the look of the piece and keep things looking nicer...

3. Signs for various usages.  I have used large card board box panels for yard sale signs.  They can be a large as you are willing to cut and display for your event. It can be used to point the way to all sorts of possibilities.

4. Gift giving. Wrap up your old boxes in gift wrap for a holiday box.

5. Postal shipping. Use your box to ship something to someone else!

6. Moving? Save your boxes! This can cost a lot if you don't have enough! 

7. Furniture.  Sounds goofy, I know, but if you need a side table to hold lightweight items, cover with a sheet or decorative cloth...THERE ya go! Here's a link for a cool chair!

8. Children's blocks. Save up small boxes and let the kids build with them as blocks.

9. Forts/Castles and puppet stages. Again, this could be child's play, but it's a good use and economical! More ideas!

10. Fair/Carnival/Party play.  Use the box for games such as "Go Fish" or other carnival came...Toss the Beanbag into's endless! (See below for the fishing game idea.)

Use up those cardboard boxes...To store them empty, break them down and lay flat. You can store them behind, and underneath things OR even in garage rafters....You can never have too many boxes!

Fishing Game
Large box~big enough for a person or two to get into...the bigger the person~the bigger the box needed.
Fishing poles~make these from willow branches or other soft limbs.  Tie string or yarn onto the end of the "pole" and attach a hinged clothes pin to the end of it.  This is so when the player "fishes" a prize of either wrapped candy OR a small carnival prize can be attached.  Another variation is to have either colored disks (poker chips will work) or even colored note file cards.  Attaching a different color means a different prize that the 'fisher' could win!  The prizes are displayed and the color chip or file card bearing "fisherman" redeems their prize from the displayed prizes categorized by colors: however you desire, but here's an idea: red~biggest prize: maybe a stuffed animal (Do you have loads you need to get rid of???) blue: 2nd place prize (carnival toy~oriental traders type small items (the bulk carnival prize stuff) yellow: 3rd place prize~piece of candy only.  Have fun with your boxes!! AND it's carnival season~whoohoo!

Using It UP~Cardboard boxes!

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