Friday, October 16, 2009

Frugal Fall Fun

Simplicity is best.  Boy, I wish I had learned this a few years ago before I had run myself ragged and worn out chasing that star that fleeted across the sky in my life!   Today I am much more laid back, perhaps in some ways, too much so, that I am enjoying a quieter simpler life.  The sparkles and glitz that once caught my eye no long hold attraction for me as I am quietly living my life in contentedness and thrift.  Oh, I have some needs, like everyone. . . I even have some hefty wants! But I am no longer driven by those desires to HAVE, but more in the way of becoming and being~
With these thoughts in mind, I want to offer some suggestions for some  family enjoyment for this time of year.  It's getting quite cold in some parts of our nation; my friend L. in MT has already seen winter's first snow, while my dearest friend, T. is still swealtering in northern FL.  No matter what area of the country, Autumn is here~colors are changing; it's time to have some fun!

1. Campfires and roasting marshmellows.

2. A cup of hot tea or hot chocolate with a friend.

3. A drive to savor the gorgeous landscape painted in the colors of Autumn.

4. Finding an apple archard or stand if an orchard isn't nearby, making some homemade apple treats:
apple cider, apple sauce, apple butter, apple fritters, pies, pancakes, cobblers, crisps...CARAMEL apples and candy apples~or just a good ole FRESH crisp apple~oooh how I love the smell!

5. Walking on wooded trails.

6. Riding bikes~what about a race with the kids?

7. Making a fort out of raked leaves or jumping in them!

8. Going to a "corn maze" for some fun with the kids!

9. Climbing a tree~yeah, I won't...but my kids like to do this!

10.  Star gazing on a cool clear night~You can gaze at the clouds and sunset or rise too!

11. Transplanting a tree now that the sap is down.

12.  Hot soup: potato, tomato, French onion, Taco, Veggie, cheese . . .YOUR favorite in a mug!

13. Camping in a tent~now I am not one for this, but I love the idea!! I do like to camp in fall, as we have  a hardshell camper.

14.  Carving a walking stick from a fallen tree limb.

15.  Plant flower bulbs for spring!

16.  Open up the house and enjoy the cool weather! (Of course if it's freezing outside this is out!)

17.  Press a pretty Autumn natual leaf in a book.

18.  "Pick" some Autumn leaf branches to decorate the mantle of your home...find pine cones, and nuts~natural beauty for the fall season. . .

19.  Grill hot dogs over an open fire in the yard~Campfire stew is awesome too.

20.  Begin an afghan or quilting project so that when it's cold, you will be well covered as you work!

WHAT ideas for FALL Fun do you like to do?  What's your favorite?
Falling for Autumn frugally in fun,

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