Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making Dirt

I've posted a good deal about our garden and our wonderful tomato harvest this year and some of our methods for growing in the garden in our back yard.  I want to discuss composting as a great way of making soil for enriching the earth for growing medium in the garden.

There are many ideas on composting, but I like cheap...uh...oh...well, I think frugal sounds better~so it's frugal and easy!

I am going to list some links with good methods with summaries of how they are done so at a glance you can take a look to see what will work for your space for composting.

EPA on composting
I found this site to have a lot of information that was even geared geographically.  There is a list of publications and also FAQs.

EPA on Organics for Composting
Very informative about what makes great compost!

Composting 101
Nice website that is informative~has bins to chose from and loads of information.  This writer is in MT so growing is an issue and this is discussed.  How Composting Works is very informative on how to create the place and how it's done. 

OK~here are just a few good sites.  Remember to prepare the garden will require some prep.  Composting 101 suggested putting the compost pile or bin or receptacle near the garden~makes sense to me!

We have a friend who gardens who has prepared his garden for spring by spreading manure for it to 'set' all winter.  This will enrich the soil as well.  But my FIRST recommendation before adding these is to have the soil tested by your county extension agent.  You will want to know what your soil needs FIRST!

Getting READY for a full harvest after a full season of growing which is AWESOME for my budget!

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