Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Homemade Laundry "Soap Box"

There was a little debate going on today over the most economical way to have laundry soap for doing clothes.  Apparently the Duggar Family have put on their website the "recipe" for homemade laundry soap that I've seen around for several years, and even seen some YouTube demos on how to make it...guess she's economizing too~which is GREAT!

Well, the questions were something like "did it really work" and "how many loads?"  I have never made this stuff. I have seen the demos like I said from YouTube, but it looks like "goop" to me, and well, up until recently I had my favorite 'brand' and was unwilling to part with it...but then the economic crunch came, and I got on the band wagon to economizing~hence my 200 loads for $15 at Sam's Club which I use 1/2 the amounts so I am getting 400 loads for the same price equalling 4 CENTS a load!!!!!!!!!! and IF I were to use the full amount, just double it to 8 cents a load! This is amazing...and I don't have to cook and gloop and glop...and slop....sorry folks, but SisterT while she is thrifty, and Oh soooo frugal...has a few limits...ever found some of those supplies the recipe calls for? Fels Naptha soap??? PLEEEEEEZE! IF you think it's GREAT~leave me a shout...otherwise, I am NOT going to try this one...sorry folks... not me.
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Counting my time as money too,

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