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Anybody wondering about this "panandemic" swine flu H1N1?

If we don't have it, we sure are sick! But what is swine flu and how is it treated?

To find my information I went to the CDC (Centers For Disease Control).  I didn't want to deal in the hype and hyperness of all the media stuff~frankly I generally gain all my information through research, not news broadcasts of sort, not that they don't contain some truth, but I wanted to go to the most authoratative source possible.  With this in mind, I'm not going to try and assimilate or verbage the info on their website, but give you the links so you can go to it yourself.  Each of us has to make our own, and we hope it an informed, decision about our health care...that's what the professionals say, right?

Here's the link:
Here you will find a US and World map showing numbers of confirmed cases, and even suggested measures to prevent contracting this strain of flu this year.
For questions, please call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636) TTY: 1-888-232-6348 or email to reach English or Spanish-speaking representative, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (from the YouTube Channel.)

CDC's recommendations for home care and OTC medications.
Remember to use these at your own risk and at the advice of your physician.

Cruising around YouTube:
Here you will find all sorts of topics covered from emergency preparedness, illnesses, to  vaccines.  It's also interesting to note that there are links to 15 governmental entities such as The US State Department, The White House, NASA and more~pretty neat place for info . . .

It's my prayer that we all stay 
healthy this flu season. 

I want to share some of Sister T's "comfort measures," with you, NOT TO REPLACE your doctor's advice please, and use your own judgment or risk here.  Obviously if you have an allergy to something I suggest, please don't do it~Stay safe!
Be sure to check out CDC's Homecare Measures to assure you are doing what's best for you.  Call your doctor is you feel you need to do so! There have been death associated with Swine Flu. 

1. Hot tea (caffience free/herbal variety) sweetened with honey helps a sore throat.

2. Ramen noodle fan? I am! Cook 'em up according to instructions and you can add fresh onion and celery, even poach eggs in the broth PRIOR to adding noodles~for a little zing: add black pepper! The hot broth is salty and very soothing to the throat, inflamed sinuses, and chest.

3. Rice Buddy: Now this is not a fancy-schmancy heat pack~but frugal SistaT's version on a dine: Got an old sock? One with no holes, ok? Fill with rice to taughtness, but leave enough room to tie the end.  Heat in the microwave no more than about 3 min to make hot. HINT: these will burn and smell awful~so less is more! BE CAREFUL~the Rice Buddy gets hot and can burn you.  Do not use on young children!

4. Hot Shower: With water as warm as is comfortable, take a nice long hot shower to moisten your sinus and bronchial passages and the deal with achyness.

5. Vitamin C: We like the drops for cough with a menthol kick, now don't use if you are allergic or have another contraindication for use!

6. Hot rubbing creams: I live all the ones that get really hot and smell really strong. . .I have been known to rub my forehead and even into my scalp when my sinuses where so inflamed~now use caution here and don't do tihs if it's unsafe for you. . .Vicks Vapor Rub is similar~I use what I have on hand, which right now is Icy Hot.  My favorite is a cheapie called "Arthritis Hot." It's really hot. Somehow this stuff seems to decrease the inflammation of the areas and this relieves the pain.

7. Nice tissues: Ever have a "raw nose" from blowing? Invest in good quality tissues for an event like the flu.  If you have to deal with a "raw nose" or soreness and irritation from blowing and wiping, then use some Vaseline.  It's an old product that STiLL works! Hey, again~if you are allergic: don't use!

8. Comfy Blanky: Do you have a favorite throw or afghan? Now is the time to hunker down and stay warm and cozy.  Take a nap. REST!

9. Humidifier: This is one of the best investments our family has made.  We have a cool mist humidifier that we will run all winter as our winters are dry, but when we have nasal, bronchial cough and congestion this is a lot of relief.  Last winter I dried out so that my eyes became scratchy. This was absolutely miserable! The humidifier helps! Beats chemicals in the eyes!

10. Stay hydrated: Drink, drink, drink! I recommend good water! I don't drink loads of juices and other drinks unless it's for nutrition.  In fact, just remember that juices are loads of sugar and calories. Now if you need these~dive in! (Consult your doctor, please!) But for me, I don't need the calories unless the juice becomes my calories...

11. Honey and lemon: Now this could be mixed in tea, but an old time remedy was to put honey on a spoon and then put a drop of lemon juice smack dab in the center.  This can soothe a cough! There are precautions about honey for infants.  I don't have the details, but research this if you plan to give to a young child. I do recommend something that I've done that helps my allergies concerning honey.  Find a local source from a local bee keeper.  You will get the added benefits of fresh homegrown honey as well as the benefit of local pollen desensitization for eating something that the bees made with local pollens.  IF YOU HAVE SEVERE ALLERGIES~consult your MD first!

These are my comfort measures to stay well or to relieve us when we get sick.  I try my best to lay off the antibiotics until the last resort because they actually weaken the immune system further opening the way for infections.  I learned some time ago that most of my illnesses were viral and antibiotics do NOTHING for a virus.

Please remember I am not trying to be a doctor, or practitioner of any kind but share what I have personally found to be helpful when I am sick...and right now, I am sick.  I found out a few days ago (after the symptoms hit us!) that we'd been exposed to the stay well!
Here's my earlier post   Ways to AVOID Getting Sick!

An online self assessment as seen on CNN: Microsoft's H1N1 Flu Assessment Quiz

Time to heat the Rice Buddy~

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