Friday, October 2, 2009

Using It UP!~Prescription Bottles

Anybody got any of those laying around? Admittedly we have several that come in the house each month, so I can really get overloaded with them, but I've found a couple of ways to either use them or prevent MORE from coming into my life... 
less is MORE, right?

My pharmacy will take my "used bottle" for my refill.  They will "relabel" and refill...hey, while it's only a few cents to them, as my wonderful pharmacist once told me, it also keeps them out of the landfill.  Please don't confuse ME with the recyclers who are not throwing anything away, but I try VERY hard to use UP what I have. . . It's just plain smart this way...and any money my pharmacy saves just MIGHT be a penny they can pass on to ME!  Rising costs for everyone, literally means rising costs for everyone!

Another use:
I use them to store itty-bitty

  • beads
  • screws
  •  dried seeds
  •  sewing needles
  •  earings
  •  tiny parts to stuff we are repairing or "tinkering" with~this is educational for the kids...have 'em take a part something to try to learn to "fix" might work AND save some $$!
  •  I've seen them used in crafts for kids, but I really don't recommend this as I feel that over familiarity with medical bottles for young children can cause trouble in that they might think the pills are game just like the item in the craft was... Some will make "fun~pills" as a gag gift...I say not for kids! But if you want to share a funny with an adult...go get some pretty colored jelly beans and make up your own label...BE SURE to wash out the bottle first so if there is any residual medication, it won't be in there! careful here!!
  • beebees for air guns
  • lead for mechanical pencils
  • buttons
  • wind up any stored ribbons and lace...
  • rubber bands
  • board game pieces~dice and tokens...WHO doesn't need this kind of help when it rolls around in the box!
  • pennies~My daughter says that a medical bottle can hold about 100 pennies...
  • paper clips
  • tacs
  • small rocks~the tiny nuggets can be kept nice
  • store broken chains or other jewelery waiting to be fixed
  • glitter storage~who wants THAT floating around the house...when it's poured off the page, it is easier to go into a prescription bottle with its wide mouth than the original container...

How are you making use to Use It UP!~Prescription Bottles??

All about thrift,

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