Friday, October 2, 2009

Mortgage Issues In THIS Economy??

There's loads of talk about short sales, foreclosures and bankruptcy being solutions for many...but the fall out is HUGE~hence why I am a proponent of buckling down to PAY debts as best we can: living and loving on less so that IF at ALL possible, mortgages can be taken care of and paid.  These are tenuous times for all of us. . .hardly is there an American who has not felt the economic crunch of job losses and the declining economy.  Even if you haven't experienced an economic shift, none is secure! I really do advocate that everyone attempt to live a life in more simplicity and frugality.  Better to do it long before a disaster when savings can be built and appetites for "things" isn't fed, than when all havock breaks loose and there are so much change that have to be made just to stay afloat! 

Access your mortgage situation.  Find every way possible to pay it if AT ALL possible!
Find new money in the forms of creative jobs and living frugally.  Saving really does equal more disposible cash~less utilities, food costs and all other expenditures will equal a little bit more to place on the mortgage situation. 

I have heard of stories of ugliness from mortgage lenders when folks have tried to "negotiate" differing terms...FIND a WAY~ do what you can do! Work a good solid plan to manage debt.  Consider consumer credit counseling and QUIT spending on anything but essentials! ESSENTIALS...I know I am saying hard and irritating words~but losing a home is so traumatic, and as you will be able to SEE Clark Howard on Shortsales, Foreclosures, and Bankruptcy  the answer will not be in a ONE of those IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!

These are tough times, and the old trite saying still holds TRUE:
When the going gets tough, the TOUGH GET GOING!

Busting Debt,

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