Monday, November 23, 2009


Call SistaT a scoffer if you want to~but I am not buying all the Black Friday Hype~now I do believe in BEST PRICE SHOPPING, but...

If you are going to spend more than you planned or can afford OR EVEN NEED then stay home!! PERIOD!

I know I sound really mean here~but it's going to take some absolute diligence to stay in our budgets this holiday season.  Case in point is that when I walk into the stores, the sights, sounds, smells LURE MY MONEY right out of my pockets IF I am not prepared with my handy-dandy notebook with my comparative price shopping and list. 

DO BLACK FRIDAY for items you are looking for that you KNOW the quality and price are RIGHT where you need them to be~otherwise forgo! Truly leave the madness to others this year!

Marketers are pushing even the 'web-shopper' into peep status over the sales to wet appetites. RESIST! Let's pay our bills ON TIME~get what the home NEEDS and then make sensible purchases!

Don't be caught off guard with gift giving! While there's some you can do this year with the time left to get economical gifts together for your family, PLAN NOW for next year! Seriously.  While you are making or have made the list for this year, make next year's list of things you will needs AND after Christmas and all through the coming year while you thrift shop find items for those areas.  Do you do Christmas cards? Purchase them after the season.  Do you "collect" a certain thing for your decor, after season is the time! Of course, SistaT isn't one to encourage all the lux of some of this, but I too have my pitfalls where I have areas that I have to work with.  I am a collector of many things, but never if ever to I pay full-boat retail.  AND then sometimes I just do without.  It's choices!

OK...BLACK Friday is on it's way~merchants are salivating for our money! Are we going to LET them have it? If so, let's make SURE it's in our best interest~not the interest that we will pay long after the shiny has worn off of our newbie item!
Maybe I'm not doing BLACK FRI~the jury is still out...I am looking it all over...I may just stay home and read a book or ...


Terra H. said...

I'm not into the whole Black Friday hoopla, but that's mainly because I don't care to get trompled for some meaningless item. However, I can see the thrill some people get from it. But I've noticed that a lot of stores, both brick-and-morter and online, will have mega sales and coupons and discounts leading up to Christmas. It won't all happen or end just on Black Friday.

SisterTipster said...

True that it's not just going to be Fri for the sales, and I also agree that getting "killed" for an item isn't worth it~MAIN FOCUS is to shop these sales, and PURCHASE ONLY IF price and value warrant! Thanks so much for stopping by Terra! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! ;-))

GrannyKaren said...

I agree. I think if we get to the place where we trample over people to get a bargain, we don't need it!