Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome to the HOP~Thrift Style!

Hello Blog Hoppers!
Thriving With NO Green$ is all about  ways to save money and reduce debt.  It's been my mission to share and learn how to become debt free in this economy working with one income and loads of debt! We have been blessed to reduce our debt load by over $25K and will be debt free except for our home mortgage(s) in 8-10 months.  There are over 100 posts dedicated to frugal, thrifty budget living! I hope you will find something of use here in your journey to survive and THRIVE in this economy!
Thrifty Tip: Avoid GIFT cards for gift giving.  I know this sounds silly, but in my experience, while they seem convenient, there's some real draw backs.
Drawbacks include:
1. Relegating the receiver to purchasing at a certain establishment~Cash goes everywhere!
2. Rules using gift cards can make them a pain.  Some stores have limits upon which cards can be bought and used.
3. Some gift cards expire or have fees!

If you want to give a generous gift of money this holiday season, send either a check or cash.  I know that cash may not seem wise, but it will make the receiver more able to better redeem the gift!

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Happy Thanksgiving and I am thankful you hopped in~

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GrannyKaren said...

I like your tips about the gift cards. I had gotten in the habit of giving them but I think cash is better.

Krafty Max Originals said...

great tips....i still just can't push myself to give gift cards anyway, to impersonal...i would rather have someone take a gift back then at least they know i tried!!!

Mike Carey and Luisa Mercado said...

Thank you very much, Cheryl, for leaving your message. It is very encouraging.

Mike and I are still new to blog hop so we are like on "feeling it" stage. This is a wonderful experience!

God bless us all!


Just Playin' said...

I say thanks for the inspiration. We all need it. I love Dave Ramsey. I should have added that to my post. He helps so many people dump debt.Congrats on being almost debt free! Amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it!