Monday, November 2, 2009

The Economy and a DEPRESSION?

I recently was introduced to a book that the title really shocked me! It talked about a "second depression" like was experienced in the 1930's. . . IS ANYBODY hearing any of this in the media?? NO! But folks, not to be a doomsday prophet, LOOK AROUND~unemployment is at an all time high since the depression that literally had people in soup kitchen lines and starving! Ever watch the movie, Grapes of Wrath? This is one of the saddest movies about a family looking for economic viability after losing their home; from place to place they wonder, looking and working~being cheated and down cast! Now I am NOT saying that we are in such straights, but I am so fearful we may head this way that I am continuing to write about tried and true old timey ways of making it with less! what I am saying isn't fun or popular! I understand that if you aren't in economic straights right now and life seems secure you don't think you need these ideas.   But rest assured that if you ever do, SisterT will be sharing right on, as now that unemployement has reached somewhere around 20-25% it's NOT getting better! Read the economic forecasters, the journals! No one is predictiving a good outcome~and while some markets have improved, people are still losing jobs, losing homes and businesses.  Outsourcing over seas~ha! EVEN THE proposed North American Alliance will suck jobs out of America and if a leveled playing field is established then think what kind of conditions Americans will live in to compete with Mexico!

Soooo what to do?
SAVE and become Thrifty! I know it's not a fun topic. I know it's not fun to think about every nickle and penny. But IN THE END, there will be peace in knowing your family will not be on the streets! I am never more amazed at the women I see prefering foreign made items to those that are produced by American workers or yet~cottage industry! We've BEEN SUCKERED folks by our own greed! Sorry, but this frugal blog can't dance around the issues any longer, and we must address our situations before we LOSE THE FARM~literally! Wise economic decisions can be a blessing for years to come as can poor decisions reak havoc for just as long! Sometimes it's longer!

Please consider your spending and saving habits~your lifestyle! WHERE can you cut your excess? What can you make do, live without, find a new purpose for, recycle, change and just flat get rid of? 

These are not easy questions, and they are intensely personal.  I ask you, what's better: A NEW bauble or paying the light bill? Sound silly? It's not. There are people everyday who are in the situations of having to ask for help because their money doesn't go far enough, and when that high bill comes in~"what they hay, I can't pay it I'll take my poor kids to the fast food joint (because I don't want them deprived!) and pray to God somebody helps me pay the light bill! YOU THINK I AM KIDDING? NOT! And listen, turning off lights when not necessary is only one stategy for lower the light bill. 

I am CALLING YOU to ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now is the time! NOW NOW NOW! 
If you would like to speak with me concerning any ideas or how I can help leave me  comment where I can contact you.
Saving NOW

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jwiggins said...

And the unemployment rates they give you are new filing that does not include those who continue to file or people who can no longer collect not to mention those who take a job flipping fries going from a livable income to a very tight impossible situation UGH!!!!!!