Friday, November 6, 2009

Shopping Around SAVES!

I've preached it; I've lived it! But hey, here's the testimony of Pat a friend of mine who told me that in shopping for some of the children's toys for her grands that she is finding a difference in pricing among the same chain stores in differing communities! WOW! Yeah, I knew that~becauuuuuuse like Pat said, it will be priced according to the supply and demand of an area.  If you have a community nearby where you see more stores with more competition, prices are likely less...not always, but could be...especially if there are others of the same chain in the area.  She saved over $20 when just "passing by" stores that were identical for the one in her community, but stopped to check the prices.  Now it might not be a best practice to drive and use this costly gas at almost $3 a gallon just to check prices, but if you are passing by, stop and see.  You might save some hard earned cash and make Lincoln go a little further this coming season~AND hey! NOW is the shop shop shop and shop some more until you find that lowest price!

In my home, we are going to hit sales AND hit the after Christmas market when in January everything will be less~ALL electronics will be for sure! WATCH AND SEE~got older kids? Give them a gift certif (homemade) promising a certain cash amount and teach them to shop...the money will go further and the child will learn~HEY, this is a win-win! Anytime we save and teach we have done a GREAT JOB!
Begin shopping NOW!
Christmas is less than 6 weeks out! SAVINGS begins today!

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jwiggins said...

I also need to add this. I know it is a bit different. But be aware at Walmart the self check out 70% of the time will ring something up for a different price. At first I was like oh its just this much or this much oh well. But I noticed this was always happening to me! I started asking the lady to fix the price and even though she was huffy and puffy about it I could not let Walmart continue to rip me off!