Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family of 15 With Electric Bill of $65?

I subscribe to ChoysterCash eNewsletter which hits my email several times a week.  This morning, she posted to share one family' journey to HUGE savings! It's pretty extreme the methods . . . if you think SisterT is rough~man o man! But hey, this family might be living in a mansion with a Rolls~ha! Dunno! I think the BIGGER point here is that any efforts we make will take our money into a place WHERE WE WILL WANT to spend it verses it just being spent on essentials. 


Daughter: "It's just going to make the towels all scratchy!"
Mom:       "Yes, but hanging them outside while we can will save on the electric bill."
Daughter: "I don't like it."
Mom:       "I will spend the money I am spending on gas to haul you to ___ ___ ___ ___ to dry them then."
Discussion was closed~towels went on the clothes line in the nice sunny breezy 50 degree day.

I realize as someone living on a budget, it's NOT EASY! No, it is not.  But any changes we make will be just that, changes we make and for the better!

I've heard it said that money is made in small amounts~while so true, a penny saved is a penny earned as well!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

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