Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankfulness Cures the Blahs

Do you ever feel like the task at hand is too big to be accomplished? Do you wonder if you will ever make it? Sometimes life does seem to dole out its share of ups and downs.  Perhaps living on the budget plan is difficult when all around us is the call to spend and have more.  Perhaps family relationships are stressed and strained making the  family gatherings anything but a good time of peace and happiness.  Perhaps...you fill in the blank here.  Got a problem? Got an issue? Got a need?

It's the season for thanks...but finding it in our hearts might be tough.  OK.  It IS tough.  But I want to suggest some ways to overlook and LOOK AROUND the garbage in this life to what is really, truly important.  I SOBER my thinking with the thought of my passing and what possible inscription will find its way on my toombstone. I don't think it will read: BEST HOUSEKEEPER! or BEST DRESSED! or Trophy Wife or Hummanitarian or this thing/attribute or that.  I think that more likely it will read: my name, birthdate and date of death along with MAYBE: Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend. . . or perhaps a Scripture.  I don't believe that all the description of this world's cares that can drag us down like how our home looks or how we dress will find our way onto the final tally card before the Maker of all things, God.  It's all just a "thang!" And for some of us, not a thing to concern ourselves with.

So to be thankful will require a focus shift from what to who.  It will take us from the place of things and situations to people and the Creator.  THANKFULNESS.  Beging truly grateful for all we are given.

How do I become thankful when I have needs and wants? How do I become thankful when I just feel low?

This focus shift will requrie some work on our part.  Do you journal? This is a good way to get your feelings out.  Do you have a friend who will listen?  Another way to take it off your mind.  Do you make a list of all the good in your life? Do this! WRITE it ALLLL out.  It's surprising how wonderful life is when we take the time to see~ Make a to do list of goals~make it short and long range in plans.  These are just some ideas for shifting our focus to a place of being Thankful.

Turkey and dressing, beautiful table decor, family gatherings are all GREAT, but a thankful heart will bring us peace and joy~something that is much more satisfying than what can be gained by other methods!

Curing the blah with a thankful heart! I am thankful for each of you.  Keep working your budget.  Keep planning and thriving in this economy! WE CAN DO THIS!



I found your blog while voting for frugal family fun... sorry... but I'm so thankful I clicked on your link. I've been so bummed about judgemental selfrightous people today I lost focus on what is important. I thank God my creator for all my many blessings. Thank you for putting it in perspective. I'll be popping in again!!

SisterTipster said...

I am so honored that you found something of help here. I pray you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be so blessed this holiday season! Thanks so much for coming by and hope to see you again soon.