Sunday, November 15, 2009

Merry Christmas~FREE/Truly FREE Credit Report

Yeah, I know! Tending to the CREDIT SCORE might not be the thing any of us wants to do this Christmas season, but if we are wise . . .

I have found two; ok actually MORE YouTube really funny videos on free credit report offerings~ B U T Beware! These are NOT FREE but actually sign you up for a monthly service free for "credit monitoring." HA! AND SISTA ain't laughing, folks! $14.95 per mo is too much of my hard earned CASH when I can monitor it myself~especially since I don't use credit anymore! SO WHAT does a  Sista do who wants to know her credit score and not get scammed and spammed.  I headed to the Federal Trade Commission's website who is the gov. regulatory agency for credit reporting.  You can read all about what they advise us to do to truly FREELY access that all too valuable credit report.

NEED a SOBERING reality to keep the budget in check this HOLIDAY Season? Go get that credit report! Oh will really make us think long and hard before we haul out the plastic and spend away on stuff that~OK...won't go here~but you get the point.

But I do want to share a very very funny youtube video on the scamming (hook you in type free report company) who has some very creative marketing~just beware and READ the fine print on some of these FREE offers! This is an example~but enjoy and I truly do applaud their creativity~but don't appreciate the WE ARE GOING TO SIGN YOU UP and IF YOU DON'T CANCEL=YOU WILL BE BILLED, blah, blah, blah!

Bite the bullet folks and check out your credit report with the FTC website's instructions and SAVE SOME MONEY this Christmas by thinking frugally using thrifty measures! Christmas is a celebration of the Savior and Goodwill and Peace on Earth~let's find ways that will keep these the focus on Dec 25th and on into the New Year!

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