Thursday, December 3, 2009

HS BLOG Awards are UP!/HUGE Grocery Savings~HOW!

 Congrats to the winners~I am thankful to have been nominated!
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ON TO Budget Boosting~
Do you have a scratch and dent food store in your area? I know it sounds rediculous, but honest, there is such a thing! Dented cans and crushed boxes~hurts nothing inside the package! The savings is huge too! Hubby just came home with 12 pk cartons of 8 oz name brand yogert for $1.49 each! Do I need to say we love yogert and it's now filling the bottom of my fridge?  He bought all they had, as it will store and we will eat it ALL! The sale up the street at the grocery was 10 for $3.  Figure that I have 24 for $3!! WHAT savings is THIS?? HUGE! Figure the cereal he bought as well~name brand healthy/expensive stuff usually $3.50 a box and up... He paid $1.79 or LESS per box...the extras will go on our food shelves in the basement until we get to it~oh yeah, and we will!  Cinnamon bagels your thing anyone?  They are $1.50 per bag or more in the grocery store, but here they are FIFTY CENTS a bag! My freezer is getting the overflow on these as well! There are other deals as well, but I just want you to consider HUNTING DOWN such a store in your area.  They are not generally a fancy store, sometimes in a dismal part of town to keep the overhead down.  The grocery carts are old and rusty, but work quite fine...I KNOW it's not fun to get so honest, but my money is on the line here! I'm not touting methods that are SPEND to SAVE in nature! NO WAY!!! I want us all to find REAL and USEFUL ways to SAVE that are truly savings! If I spend more then WHAT have I saved?  A rusty grocery cart doesn't bother me, and we've never gotten "bad" food from these stores~I've shopped one in every place we've lived~AND SAVED!

Keep to your budget. Remember that retailers are working to make you spend on EMOTION in the holidays~REFRAIN and soothe your spirit with knowing you are doing what is BEST for your family! Look for frugal ways to give.  Perhaps another post on this next time~
Until then, Merry Christmas to you!

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