Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saving GAS

Saving Money Plan  sent a link fuel sharing how it's suggested to save on the expensive fuel we use in our vehicles.  I have some ideas to share and if you have any, drop me a comment~I always love to hear from you!

1. Coast when you can. Obviously if someone is behind you or you are on highway getting run over, you can't, but when in your neighborhood or other slower traffic areas, just take your foot off the gas and let your vehicle do the work.

2.  Keep your car tuned/fuel injectors clean.  It's amazing how much gas can be saved with car maintence!

3. Tire inflation~keep those tires at the proper air psi.  Too low and they create a pull against the engine to use more gasoline.

4. Keep a log of your gas milage, and try a higher grade of fuel.  I know this sounds silly, BUT sometimes paying more means going further on what you have . . . and getting to buy less amounts overall will cut costs.

5. Make trips out of car rides to do it all when you are out by planning and making circles of your places you have to go so you are not zig zagging around but always in a path moving towards the next destination and then ulimately towards home.  Don't make trips that are just up and back one stop trips unless it's just absolutely necessary~PLANNING is key here!

6. Clock mileage and find shortest routes.  My friend, Donna sent this to me to add,
One way to "clock" your mileage is to do it before you leave the house...  check Google maps or some other trip program and find out which is the shortest route from your home to your destination(s).  Using the mapping programs also allows a person to plan out multiple stops for a day trip out and about and get the best gas mileage by making the trip as short as possible... You can even print out your itinerary so you don't forget any stops too...

7.  Park closer to the highway or roadway and walk into stores/places.  This is GREAT on so many levels!

8. Can you walk or take a bike to a place you'd normally drive?  GREAT for pocketbook and heath!

9. Just don't go unless it's a well planned trip and you are ready to get it all done.  Keeping our vehicles parked certainly saves money on gas.

10.  Car pool with others who are heading in your direction.  Rides to events and other things~even giving rides will help overall.  It's up to you if you accept a "few dollars" for gas from your rider.  I've never been comfortable, but it's not unexpected from riders to share something.

11. Slower speeds. Oh HOW I HATE this because I like to fly, but honestly leaving a bit early and taking your time will get you where you need to go without sucking down that gas even faster!

12. SHOP pump prices. I have seen gas prices fluctuated between little towns and even on ends of bigger cities.  KNOW those prices and fill UP when you see a great price!

13. IF you have public transportation options, use them.  We don't~not even a taxi service in our area, but we do have good sidewalks and well, I have a bike WITH A BASKET I might add... it's your turn. Thanks Saving Money Plan!

Merry Christmas!

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