Monday, December 7, 2009

Shopping AT HOME

No, I'm not talking about online either, but looking in our own homes for items and gifts that we know the folks on our lists will enjoy.  I have received gifts from others this way, and while everything does need to be clean, neat and in good condition (working)~DID I HAVE TO SAY THIS?? Well, sorry to report, that I have seen well intended people give away I think I did need to say it...and it's one thing to give away something of less use, or not in such good condition as "can you use this?" verses, "here's your Christmas gift from me..." kind of idea.  But I do look in my own home for items that I no longer use or need and will share them if it's an appropriate gift meaning it would be useful or enjoyed without reservation, and IF the item is in new or very good condition meaning it looks new!  Now I do have a few on my list that my close relationship is just so close that IF it's something that I know they will LOVE even if not perfect, I will give it, but this is only a person or two...but generally speaking shopping in our own homes should be done very tastefully! I have been blessed this way as well~and have been VERY grateful to received well thought out used items!  I am VERY thankful to get any kind of gift someone thinks of me with! I have been given some lovely items that I adore~if you gave me something I want to let you know, as I hope you already do, that I LOVE IT!

I got tickled today at daughter who is "teen-weeding" her bedroom meaning her tastes are changing...well, I've been gifted a few items that I love and SHE'S NOT SELLING lol! So look around your home.  Think of what you use and don't use. Evaluate your own situation and then make some selections. Get it ready, but cleaning it or finding a proper way to package it~write a sweet note if you want to and wrap it up! Whoola~a free Christmas gift that took little time and no NEW cash to spend. 

Remember that our time equals money too, and while crafting gifts is great~THEY COST time and money! I am all for making stuff; I am all for gifting with affordable gifts~meaning if you can reasonably AFFORD IT: don't have to go in debt, rob Peter to pay Paul, or have to do without a necessary items such as rent, gas or electric not to mention FOOD~go a head and purchase gifts~just remember to know your prices and pay as little as you can and shop all year or after season too!

Hope your Christmas is Merry! Remember there is loads of pressure to spend right now! REFRAIN and stick to your guns or budget~LOL~
God bless,

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