Thursday, January 21, 2010

Having It ALL Means....A Wonderful Friend!

I was talking to my friend last night who shared with me her secret for living...of having a nice home and some of life's nice additions.  MADE SENSE TO ME! What she shared was that in her life, when her children were small, she economized and has continued to do so all of their lives.  She said that they bought second hand good quality things: furniture, kid's clothing and more...that NOTHING was bought without knowing what a bargain was and then finding one! THIS kind of validation makes this ole SISTA T proud, and my friend doesn't even KNOW I write Thriving! NO KIDDING! Much less, live this philosophy myself...I am so blessed with a like minded friend~I COULD have friends who encourge me to be a spend thrift or worse YET to buy and spend MORE than we can afford in items that are just going to be "second hand" once I get them in the door~~~I really can't afford this kind of friendship or lifestyle...

Are your friends validating your need to economize?  Are they encouraging you to do what is right and in the best interest of your budget? REMEMBER that love seeks the good of others, and this means not only do we have to look out for our friends, but be aware that our friends should look out for us as well. A friend who isn't interested in my best good isn't really my friend...

We are sooo blessed when we have friends who are truly THAT~A FRIEND!

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