Sunday, January 3, 2010

Waste NOT Want NOT~

I was flabbergasted the other day as we were hauling off a box spring to the recycle center (LANDFILL) because of a zillion reasons I needed to do this, but while I was hauling off this little article, lo and behold there was an ALL WOOD entertainment center, a huge plastic storage bin, a nice looking white bathroom vanity cabinet, and IF I were to continue the list, you'd be SURE I had dug in the dump~but folks, I did not even leave the seat of my vehicle, but THESE were what I could see that were of good use~I was amazed.  Just amazed at how wealthy we are as a society and how disposable it all has become.  IN my defense, I confess hauling the box spring to the landfill was not my first attempt at disposal.  I had gone to a local charity who no longer accepts them, so since I was out of town and was hauling the mattress of the set back to my home with me, I needed to "place" it somewhere in short order, otherwise I could have FreeCycled it on the Yahoo Group give the time.  But I had not the time, and this is probably the story for some of the items I mentioned, but maybe not all.  I really don't know why those items were there! I know that you can't scavenger at the dump, as the sign says,,,so IF it goes there and someone needs it, it's GONE unless of course your friendly attendant happens to take a liking to the offering! 

Sooo I was absolutely amazed at how much usable STUFF was there, and it really makes me aware that we ALL have too much~ME TOO! Soooooooo while I want to divest and clear out the clutter in my house, life AND MIND~how can I do this without wasting perfectly usable items others may need?

Ask family and friends. Pass the joy around.
Donate if possible.
Set to the curb for a time with a sign: FREE to see what happens.
Repurpose the item.
Recycle the item.

I really hated to throw away the box spring.  I know someone might have used it~but apparently there is an issue with such in that area~so off it went!  I know that gifting something usable to someone who needs it is a wonderful thing not just for giver and receiver, but for the article of stuff as well!

OK~It's the NEW YEAR~Let's remove the clutter from our lives and make a simpler life for 2010!

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